Wood Artwork for Walls

Wood artworks

Home decoration offers so many interesting ideas to get creative and explore different options and styles to ultimately make your home a lovely place where you’d feel comfortable and where you can truly enjoy. One of those ideas worth exploring is wood artwork for walls. Obviously, there are many options when it comes to decorating walls, but the wood artwork for walls provides that sense of rustic and natural style which looks amazing in any room. If you also happen to have other items that match this rustic, vintage style, wood artwork for walls is a perfect way to go.

Wood art sign for Mother’s Day

This wood artwork would be an excellent gift for a special lady in your life. The sign is made from thick reclaimed barn wood as a base, with several pieces attached together. It has red strings shaped into a heart with Mom spelled inside the shape. It’s an amazing gift idea.

Rustic sign

Mom string art heart wood

Wooden art blocks

A perfect decoration for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and similar celebration. The message is clear and simple – Love. The wood used for this artwork is hand picked to ensure rustic style and unique blend of nature and elegance. The strings are shaped into letters using a series of nails.

Wooden blocks

Love string art wooden blocks

Mini wood signs

If you’re looking for a unique wood artwork for walls, you could use wooden mini signs. They look adorable on their own, with interesting messages, or you could group several of them and arrange them on a large wall. All signs are handcrafted of stained wood and painted in white with interesting messages. In addition, wall hooks are provided on the back so you can easily hang the artwork.

Rustic wood sign mini

MINI rustic wood signs

Cottage home decor

A romantic message is always a great idea for a home decor. It’s suitable for living rooms, nurseries, children’s rooms, and it’s an adorable gift for that special someone. This wood sign, in particular, says “It was always you” with a tiny heart. The sign is the one from the mini signs collection, painted wide on stained wood and distressed to get that rustic look.

Wood sign

Cottage wood sign

Torched wood Chevron arrows

If you love the look of hand-torched wood, this wood artwork is perfect for you. The Chevron arrows are handmade in two stages during which the wood is hand-torched. As a result, this brings that natural imperfections and stains the wood has. Also, it highlights the rustic look. It comes as a set of 3 arrows, all made of high-quality FSC-certified wood.

Wood sign arrows

Wood Chevron arrows

Wood clock

A wall clock is always a nice touch in a room, especially in a living room. This one is made from wood with 23.50 inches diameter. It’s silent, non-ticking and it needs one AA battery. The decorative wood and design are inspired from Fleur De Lis. The wood clock is available in two designs, rustic with natural coloring and vintage, which is a bit more colorful. In addition, the clock is great as a housewarming gift.

Rustic wood clock

Fleur De Lis wood wall clock

Puzzle wood sign

Another idea for a housewarming gift, or for any other occasion is this lovely wood artwork puzzle piece. It’s made of fiberboard wood with colorful design and inspirational message that says “What I love about my Home is Who I share it with”. Its unique design and vintage style with nice, pastel colors would look amazing on the wall.

Wood art rustic

Wood Wall Art Puzzle Piece

Pallet wall sign

Wood artworks for walls offer so many ideas for redecorating your home. Instead of paintings or other artworks, a wood sign can be quite an interesting alternative. This sign has a wood pallet with autumnal colors, with tree shade and the text “Family first & forever”. It’s made of real dried-out pinewood. The rustic design and multicolor background give that special charm and uniqueness that you want to highlight with a home decor artwork.

Wood art

Wood Pallet Design Wall Art Sign

Adorable wood sign

We all need a dose of positivity in life and you’ll surely bring some to your home with this adorable wood sign. The sign says “Faith Hope Love”, three words that are supposed to remind us that believing and staying positive is very important in life. The hanging sign has a fabric bow, pip berries and heart button attached to it. Therefore, if you want to bring a sense of rustic in your home, this wood sign for the wall is a great choice.

Rustic decor

Faith, Hope and Love Wood Sign

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