10 Amazing Ribbon Tutorials

10 Amazing Ribbon Tutorials

Ribbons. Grosgrain or satin, wide or narrow, plain or patterned, black or white. An infinity of options for your every need. From simple crafts to complex projects, ribbons are perfect for almost any homemade/DIY activity. You can’t help but loving them. Don’t believe me? We’ve put together the best selection of ribbons crafts and projects organized by categories, not only for your convenience, but also to show you the variety of projects you can pull off with a common and simple piece of ribbon. This list of amazing ribbon tutorials will proof you and the world why ribbons are the kings of craft supplies. Check it out!


1. Ribbon and Button Bookmark

Stop using a napkin at get a little craftier. This ribbon and button no slip mark is not only great for book addicts but also for craft lovers. This is a custom way of marking your page. Is very pretty, it won’t fall out or get lost, and the best part…. super easy to make!

Full Tutorial at Fab You Bliss


2. Ribbon and Clip Bookmark

Still too complicated? No problem, we can give you simpler. No glue or sewing.  Just a ribbon, a clip, and a tight knot. This is perfect for craft newbies and, again, book addicts. Very simple and super cute.

Full Tutorial at A Happy Little Home



3. Pulling Spice Bottle

Ribbons can also make super fun toys for the little ones. This ribbon pulling spice bottle with bells has quickly become one of the most popular busy bag on the internet. Add some jingle bells on the ends of the ribbons for a more christmasy feeling.

Full Tutorial at Powerful Mothering


4. Ribbon Wand

Again, here’s a simpler option. In fact, these ribbon wands are the perfect craft for your kids to make. A wooden dowel and various colorful ribbons is all you need. You can skip the hot glue, or add a tiny drop for extra hold. Extremely simple, very affordable, and extra fun!

Full Tutorial at Somwhat Simple


Hair accessories

5. Classic Hair Bow

This one is a must. We couldn’t leave out the classic hair bow tutorial from our ribbon crafts list. Every little girl looks extra cute with this one on her hair do. Even more when it is JUMBO size. Therefore, make sure you’ve got a wide ribbon for your fluffy bow.

Full Tutorial at The Ribbon Retreat


6. Hair Clip Holder

Since we are talking about bows, now we have to think how you are going to store them. The answer? Yes, you guessed it: ribbons! Make a hair clip holder using an art canvas and colorful ribbons. Super simple, and yet, perfect to organize your daughter’s hair accessories.

Full Tutorial at Molly and Mama



7. Pandora Ribbon Bracelet

Yes. Ribbon are also perfect to handmade unique pieces of DIY jewelry. Make yourself a bracelet mixing all different textures and colors of ribbon. Use a pandora bead to bring it all together and voilá! Make your own following this easy to follow tutorial.

Full Tutorial at Running With Sisters


8. Shibori Ribbon Pendant Neclace

A piece of DIY jewelry just as fancy as the one before is this pendant necklace made out of ribbon. This is one eye-catching accessory! This craft will take you some time and practice, but don’t be afraid to try! It is totally worth it.

Full Tutorial at Learning Center



9. Ribbon Backdrop

Perfect for a photo backdrop, desert table or alter backdrop. The list is really endless on what you can do with this cure ribbon backdrop. The key to this craft is to pick the right color combo. This statement piece for your space décor is created in 4 easy steps.

Full Tutorial at Wedding Chicks


10. Ribbon and Florals Chandelier

This romantic ribbon chandelier turns any room into a fairy tale scene. These chandeliers are made to be a pendant light and not the main source of light in a room, but they are fun to create and they sure set a sweet tone to a room.

Full Tutorial at Shabbyfufu



You see? This is the king of crafts. Ribbon can be used for ALL kinds of projects. Check our catalogue to find the perfect ribbon for your perfect craft!

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