10 Easter Crafts Your Kids Will Love

Craft are such an amazing way to boost kids’ creativity, which has a positive impact on their development and their skills. Crafts are also a great time to bond as a family, especially around holidays when everyone gathers. If you and your family love crafts, you’ll love the suggestion for Easter kids crafts.

  1. Easter tree

There’s no reason why a tree should be for Christmas only. Here’s an idea how to make an Easter tree. For starters, you’ll need a cone, which will be a tree base. It can be a foam cone, but a cardboard will work as well. You’ll need a pack of Easter eggs and Easter grass to decorate the tree. And you’ll also need a glue gun. Let your kids arrange the eggs in any way they want and provide assistance with gluing the eggs to the cone. This decoration is perfect for a table.

Easter tree

Full tutorial: Sweet Floweret

  1. Easter card

Here’s another activity your kids will enjoy. Draw a bunny silhouette on one piece of paper and cut the shape out. This will be the front page of the card. You’ll need another piece of paper of the same size. Cut the yarn pieces or ribbon scraps into short strips and glue them to the second piece of paper. Once you’re all done, put the paper with the cut-out silhouette on top of this one and glue them together.

Easter card

Full tutorial: Katie’s Crochet Goodies

  1. Button Easter egg

For this craft, you’ll need lots of colorful buttons and glue. You’ll also need a surface on which you will create the egg. It can be a piece of wood, a cardboard or a thicker piece of paper. Start by drawing a large egg with a pen. This will be the shape the kids will fill in using buttons. They can arrange them in any way they want, that’s the beauty of this craft. They can be creative and think about colors and patterns they want to use.

Button Easter egg

Full tutorial: Carrie Elle

  1. Easter picket fence

This craft also engages children and their creativity. The base will be a picket fence created from popsicle sticks. You can even paint them with a white paint. Now comes the time to create Easter-inspired decorations. Those can be tiny rabbits, eggs, flowers, anything that your kids associate with Easter. Materials that could be used for these decorations include paper, felt, ribbon, etc.

Easter picket fence

Full tutorial: Glued to My Crafts Blog

  1. Paper wreath

This is a very easy activity most children enjoy because they can do almost all the work on their own, under supervision. Cut the base of the wreath from a paper plate. Then cut the egg shapes. You can either use colorful paper or use white paper instead and let the kids decorate them with crayons. Either way, arrange them in a circle and glue them to the paper plate. Make a ribbon bow and attach it to the front of the wreath. To be able to hang the wreath, use another piece of ribbon, make a large loop and glue it to the back of the wreath.

Paper wreath

Full tutorial: The Resourceful Mama

  1. Colorful Easter eggs

There are so many different ways to decorate Easter eggs, but here’s one all kids love. You’ll need a piece of cardboard cut into an egg shape, some shaving cream and acrylic paint. You’ll also need a tray, newspapers, paintbrush, or a toothpick. Put the shaving cream on a tray and spray the paint all over the cream. Use a toothpick (or a fork) to drag the paint through the shaving cream to get nice patterns. Once you’re all done, start placing the cardboard eggs on top.

Colorful Easter eggs

Full tutorial: Typically Simple

  1. Egg topiary

If you have nice colorful ribbons, here’s how you can put them to a good use. You’ll need a styrofoam egg as a base. Cut the ribbons in strips and start wrapping them around the egg. You can either use glue or pins to secure the ribbons. To finish it, create a ribbon bow to place it on top, which will also be useful to cover the place where the ribbon ends are glued together.

Egg topiary

Full tutorial: She’s Kinda Crafty

  1. Burlap Easter banner

A banner is such a nice decoration for any holiday, including Easter. It’s also a fun craft activity the kids will enjoy. It’s quick and easy. You’ll need pieces of burlap to make the banner. You’ll also need bunny shaped stencils which you can decorate with acrylic paint. Let your children be creative and decorate bunnies, let the paint dry and soon you’ll have the banner ready.

Burlap Easter Banner

Full tutorial: Thriftyn Seattle

  1. Potato stamping

This activity is an amazing choice for kids, even for the youngest ones. It can get a bit messy, so make sure you have paper towels or old newspapers ready. You’ll need to cut a potato in half and use a knife to cut shapes into the potato, such as zigzag, lines, etc. This will be a stamp. Now you need some paint placed on a plate or a tray. Your kids will dip the potato stamp into these colors. You’ll also need a white paper to stamp on.

Potato stamping

Full tutorial: Premeditated Leftovers

  1. Popsicle chick

Here’s another craft your kids will love doing with you. It’s a popsicle chick. You’ll need three popsicle sticks, cardboard and some paper, yellow paint, glue, and scissors. First, make a triangle from popsicle sticks and paint it yellow. Cut out a triangle shape paper to use as a chick body. It can be scrapbooking paper with some nice patterns, or you could use plain paper. You’ll also need to make hand patterns with your kids and a circle head from cardboard. All that is left is to cut legs and a triangular nose from cardboard and paint it in orange color. Use the glue gun to attach all the pieces together.

Popsicle chick

Full tutorial: Make and Takes

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