5 Amazing Ribbon Crafts For Kids

5 Amazing Ribbon Crafts For Kids

Making beautiful ribbon crafts is not just a crafting expert privilege. Luckily there are so many easy and simple ways to craft beautiful projects including ribbon bows, ribbon flowers and much more, that even toddlers and kids can give it a try. From necklaces to magic wands, there are many ways of involving kids into magical ribbon crafting projects.


  1. Clay ribbon necklace

Clay is a classic material for kid’s crafts and activities. Fun and very pedagogical in many ways, it helps developing motor skills in toddlers and young children. This necklace can be an exciting and fun projects both for parents and for kids.

Clay ribbon necklace

(Full tutorial in Momtastic)

Recommended items for this tutorial:




Ribbon, Aqua Blue


  1. Ribbon rainbow

Ribbons, buttons, pompons, glue and a lot of fun! This cool rainbow will transform a regular rainy afternoon into a fun amazing day. Also it can be a neat decoration for bedrooms or playrooms.

Super Easy Rainbow Ribbon Craft for Kids

(Full tutorial in Sun Shine Whispers)

Recommended products for this tutorial:

Ribbons, 10 Colors

Plastic Buttons with different Color and Style


  1. Toddler butterfly

Learning and having fun with ribbons is not just for grown up kids. Toddlers can also have a blast while developing skills and making cool ribbon projects. This simple butterfly is just an example of what can be done with young kids and ribbons.

Toddler butterfly craft

(Full tutorial in No Time for Flashcards)


  1. Cards and ribbon bookmarks

Ribbon scratch and old post cards can become pretty bookmarks. A nice knot, a bit of creativity for making cool combinations and a crafty mood are just what it takes to try this nice and easy project.

How to make Homemade Bookmarks from Cards

(Full tutorial in The frugal girls)

Recommended items for this tutorial:

Christmas ribbon


  1. Twirling ribbon

Dancing and twirling is more fun if you have a twirling ribbon. It also makes a magical project to do with kids. Add some music and you’ll have even a birthday party activity. Ribbons are that magical.

How to Make a Twirling Ribbon

(Full tutorial in The frugal girls, too)

Recommended product for this tutorial:

Ribbon, fuchsia with white dots


Do you have more awesome ideas to try some ribbon projects with toddlers and kids? Share them with us and don’t forget to visit our online boutique at Drency.

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