6 DIY Valentine’s Day Crafts

As Valentine’s Day is approaching, we’re exploring some creative ideas to collect the best DIY Valentine’s Day crafts. These could be an inspiration for making DIY gifts, for decorating your home or simply a fun and engaging craft project for you. There are lots of ideas with heart shapes and red color because these two are commonly known as symbols of love.

  1. Heart-shaped puzzle

Here’s an adorable decoration or a gift for someone special. You’ll have so much fun making this one. The materials needed include Popsicle sticks, puzzle pieces, a heart-shaped cardboard, and ribbon. You’ll also need some paint, a hot glue gun, and a permanent marker. To make a frame, put down ten sticks next to each other. Make sure they’re aligned. Then glue two stick across on the opposite ends. Next, you’ll make the central piece. It’s best to make it separately because you don’t want the paint to ruin the frame. Paint the cardboard and puzzle pieces and then glue them together. You could also glue them first, and then paint them. Two final steps include writing a message on the frame and gluing a piece of ribbon so that the sign can be hanged.

Heart-shaped puzzle

Full tutorial: Misadventures of a YA Librarian

  1. Cupcake wreath

There are so many ways to make a wreath, and one of those is using cupcake liners. You’ll need around 250 cupcake liners, and it’s best to find them in a color or design inspired by Valentine’s Day. You’ll group the liners into flowers combining 5 liners for each flower. Once the flowers are done, line them around the wreath and attach them with a piece of thread or using a glue gun. You’ll also need a piece of ribbon as a hanger. To make it even more special, you could add a heart-shaped decoration to the wreath.

Cupcake wreath

Full tutorial: Create Craft Love

  1. Chalkboard heart frames

These frames would be a perfect decoration for someone on Valentine’s Day. You’ll need two wooden heart frames, chalkboard spray paint, sandpaper and white and pink chalk. Spray the frames with a chalkboard and let it dry. You could either leave it like that or you could go over the frames with sandpaper to get that rustic, worn-out look. To go even a step further with this style, use white chalk to go over the frame and then rub it off lightly. Attach the two frames together using glue and as a final touch, add a pink arrow that connects the two hearts. So cute!

Chalkboard heart frames

Full tutorial: Crafts by Courtney

  1. Heart pin/hair clip

Here’s an idea on how to make a glitter heart that can be a cute pin or a nice hair clip, depending on which one you’d prefer to wear this Valentine’s Day. You’ll need felt in a color of your choice, but it’s recommended to use red or pink, to keep it in the spirit of the holiday. You’ll also need some glue, scissors, glitter, small paint brush and hair clips or pin backs. Cut the heart out of the felt. Paint the glue on the felt and then add glitter on top. Allow it to dry (a few hours would be enough) and then repeat the process. That’s the front side finished. All that is left to do is to glue the hair clip or the pin back, and you’re all done.

Heart pin/hair clip

Full tutorial: Handmaker of Things

  1. Pompom bouquet

Is there anything more romantic than a flower bouquet? Here’s how to make one yourself. You’ll need colorful yarn for the pompoms and green felt for the flower leaves. You’ll also need ribbons and a couple of twigs, as well as a glue gun, scissors, and some white spray paint. Start by making pompoms. Wrap the yarn around your fingers, slide it off the fingers and tie in the middle. Cut the loops and other longer threads if there are any. Spray the twigs with the white color, attach a pompom to each twig and then glue the leaves cut out from the green felt. Wrap everything in a nice little bouquet using a piece or several pieces of ribbon.

Pompom bouquet

Full tutorial: Camille Styles

  1. Heart magnets

To make these magnets you’ll need to start off with some dry clay. Mold the hearts using the clay in any size you want. Allow it to dry well before you go on with painting. Use red or pink color for the hearts. You’ll then need small magnets, which you will probably have to cut from a larger magnet tape. Use the glue gun to attach the magnet to the hearts and that’s it. You could first glue the magnet to the clay and then paint them. The choice is up to you. If you want to use these as a gift you could either stick them to a magnetic surface, or you could put them in a little jar and tie a red ribbon bow around it.

Heart magnets

Full tutorial: Idle Wife

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