8 Inspiring Tips All Tailors Should Know

8 Inspiring Tips Every Tailor Should Know

It seems like the longer you sew, the more trick you pick up along the way. There’s nothing like that “aha!” moment when you read or learn about a new tip, technique or hack that make your sewing game easier/better! That’s why today we want to share with you some of the best tips every slef-called tailor should know! Check them out.


1. No More Stubborn Straight Pins

If your straight pins are giving you a hard time as they refuse to wiggle through the fabric, try this out! Just stick them right into a bar of soap, and once you pull it out, you’ll have a well lubed up straight pin. Trust us!

No More Stubborn Straight PinsVia Make it & Love it

2. Pin Sharpening Pincushion

If you find the soap bar too eccentric, this is another way just as easy to get those straight pins working! Just fill a fabric bag with steel wool pads and they will sharpen your pins and needles as you use the cushion!

Pin Sharpening PincushionVia Instructables

3. Non- Slip Paddle Bands

Forget about slippery pedals! Wrap a rubber band around the pedal to keep it from slipping back and forth while you are sewing. Who would think a simple rubber band would change your sewing game?

Non-Slip Paddle BandVia DIY JOY

4. Cutting Tables With Measuring Tape

Pretty self-explanatory. Glue a measuring tape to the edge of your cutting table. You can’t imagine how easier your life will be! A great hack for your sewing room.

Cutting Tables With Measuring TapeVia Melly Sews

5. Tracing Ottobre Patters

Rubber-band two pencils together, trace the first line with one pencil, and the second pencil will draw the seam allowance for you. So convenient and easy!  See? Tracing Ottobre patters isn’t so hard!

Tracing Ottobre PatternsVia Sewmccool

6. Thread Cone Hack

All you need for this one is your everyday travel cup. Or at least one that is wide enough for the thread cone, and just feed the thread out the straw opening! Make sure that your container will stay upright and that’s it!

Thread Cone HackVia Pat Sloan

7. Corners and Squares

I can’t believe I didn’t think of this one myself! Trim the edges of your corner seams before turning the piece inside out. Just make sure to not cut right up against the stitching, otherwise you’ll end up with a hole in your corner!

Corners and SquaresVia Michelle Patterns

8. Fabric Organization Round-up

Organize your fabrics by material, color, pattern, however you want, all in a simple and basic… file cabinet! Use file folders to drape your folder fabric over top and there you go! Just like that you have a drawer filled with files of fabric.

Fabric Organization Round-upVia The Thinking Closet

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