Christmas Tree Made of Ribbon

This is the time of the year when everyone gets festive and you can’t even walk down the street without running to a decorated shop window or house. As we anticipate Christmas, we spend a lot of the time decorating our home. There are so many wonderful festive ideas for Christmas decoration, inspired by the holiday.

Christmas tree is perhaps the most prominent symbol of all, so here are a couple ideas on how to make a Christmas tree with ribbon.

A Colorful Ribbon Christmas Tree

Who says Christmas tree has to be green? This tradition of having a green Christmas tree has been abandoned with new colorful materials becoming more available. Here’s an idea how to make a colorful Christmas tree using ribbon in different colors. There are three colors that dominate, green, red and white, with lots of different patterns combining those colors. You’ll need pieces of ribbon cut in short strips. As you start folding each strip, you should add some glue to hold it together. Join all the ribbons in one circle, making it as dense as you want. This will be the final layer of the tree, and it will get narrow as you go up. You will repeat the process for each part of the tree, and you will leave a bow, a star or some other decoration for the top.

Make sure you alternate different ribbons, to get this colorful diversity. You could use ribbons in any color you want. The best idea is to match the tree with the rest of the decorations you have in your home.

A colorful ribbon Christmas tree

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Ribbon Christmas Tree

Here’s another idea, which is similar to the first one. You’ll need a cardboard cone which you’ll use a base. Then choose ribbons in different colors and cut them in short stips. Fold each piece of ribbon to get a sort of a loop and then glue it to the cardboard base, starting from the lowest part. As you glue the ribbon around and up the base, make sure you alternate the colors.

This type of Christmas tree requires no additional decoration, as it’ll look quite festive with ribbons in various colors. You could also make the Christmas tree using one color, and then you could add some small ornaments to complete the styling. Depending on the size of the cardboard cone you use, you could make a small tree perfect for decorating the table, or a big one that can be placed in your living room, on a shelf, etc.

Ribbon Christmas tree

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Ribbon Weave Christmas Tree

Here’s a cool idea how to weave a Christmas tree. You’ll need four craft sticks, which will be used to make a base. Use three sticks to make a triangle first, and then use the remaining one in the middle of the triangle. Use glue to put it all together and get the base similar to the one on the image below.

For this Christmas tree, you will need a longer piece of ribbon, preferably a thinner one. Glue the ribbon at the top of the triangle, and then starting weaving the ribbon over and under the base. Once you reach the end of the base, glue the ribbon to the base and there you have it – ribbon woven Christmas tree. Don’t forget to put some sort of a decoration on top, such as a plastic snowflake or a star. This will look quite nice when you display your handmade tree decoration.

Ribbon weave Christmas tree

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Ruffled Ribbon and Pins Tree

Find a ribbon that you like and ruffle it using smocking or straight stitch. You’ll need a long piece, as you will be making the entire tree with this one ribbon. Using a thread in a different color for ruffling will make the ribbon look more jolly.

Now that the ribbon is ready, make a cone out of foam. If you’re planning on making several ruffled ribbon Christmas trees, you could go for cones of different size. The next step is to wrap the ribbon around the cone. Start at the bottom, and as you go around the tree, make sure each layer overlaps the previous one. Use pins to hold everything in place. In fact, pins will look quite nice as Christmas ornaments. Add a glitter star or bow and the Christmas tree is ready!

Ruffled ribbon and pins tree

Christmas Tree Decoration

Using ribbons and beads you can make this adorable Christmas tree decoration. You’ll also need a needle and a thread. Cut out a lengthy piece of ribbon. Have in mind that one piece will be used for the entire tree. Use the needle to put the thread through the bead. This will be the bottom of the tree, so if you have a larger bead you could use it, or you could put two beads.

Then it’s time to start folding the ribbon. As you fold each layer, you will add a bead in the middle. Since you’re starting at the bottom, the ribbon should be wider here and it’ll narrow down as you continue making the tree. The size of the tree will depend on the length of the ribbon. End it with another bead, or use another decoration for the top of the tree. You could also leave the thread once you finish the tree so that it can be used for hanging the Christmas tree as an ornament. Since these decorations can be quite small, they can be used to decorate a Christmas tree in your home. You could also add this decoration to the homemade Christmas cards or you could decorate gift wrapping with them.

Christmas tree decoration



Hopefully, one of these trees will get you inspired to use ribbon and make your own Christmas tree decoration. As you can see, the trees are quite easy to make, but they can be an amazing part of your home decor during the holidays. Merry Christmas!

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