How to Make a Burlap Wreath

There are so many creative projects where you can use burlap, and here’s one that has been particularly interesting now that the weather is warmer outside. Burlap wreaths are great outdoor decorations, regardless if you choose to hang them on the front door, on the porch, or on the tree in the garden.

What you’ll need to make a burlap wreath

First, you will need a base for the wreath. A wire wreath is the most commonly used base for a wreath. It’s sturdy, so it’ll keep its shape. It’s made from four rings of wire with enough space between them to pull through all sorts of materials and decorations when making a wreath. The wires are most often green, but once you pull burlap through they won’t even be visible.

Wire wreath
FloraCraft SimpleStyle 18 inch Wire Wreath, Green, 13 Gauge

These kinds of wire wreaths are also available in other shapes. A heart-shaped one would be perfect as a decoration for Valentine’s Day or for wedding venues.

Wreath heart
FloraCraft, 16″ Heart Wire Wreath

Alternatively, you could use a styrofoam wreath. This shape is perfect for wreaths and other craft ideas and projects. It’s quite light, only 4 ounces, so it’ll be easy to hang it. The material used to decorate it can be glued to the wreath or you could use pins to secure the material.

Styrofoam wreath
Floracraft Extruded Styrofoam Wreath Bulk, 16″

Now that you have a wreath base, you’ll need other supplies to make a burlap wreath. Starting off, you’ll need burlap. Burlap is available in many different widths and depending on your projects, you’ll choose the right one. When it comes to wreaths, 2 inch width would be just perfect but depending on the idea and the design, you might want to go for a narrower or wider piece.

Burlap ribbon inches

2 inch Burlap Ribbon

Burlap Drency

Burlap ribbon Drency

1 inch Burlap Ribbon

You’ll also need scissors for cutting the burlap and other materials you decide to use as decorations on top of the burlap. A glue gun is also needed. It heats within 3-5 minutes and maintains this temperature, so it’s quite useful to have it for all sorts of craft projects. You’ll use it mostly if you make the wreath with a styrofoam base, while you’ll rarely use it with wire wreaths.

Scissors Drency

Scissors Drency

9.5 inch Sewing Scissors

How to make a burlap wreath

A rustic burlap wreath

This kind of burlap wreath is so easy to make, but it looks amazing on the front door. Start by tying the burlap to the wreath frame. You could use 2 inches or even 3 inches wide burlap here. Now you’re basically going to pull the burlap through the wires and create a loop. Twist the burlap once or twice before making another loop to keep them in place. As you’ve started from the outer ring towards the inner ring, make sure you thread through all the gaps. Then you’ll go back and repeat the same process. So now you go from the inner ring to the outer ring while making the loops. Try to make loops of the same size to make the wreath look nice and neat. In case there are loose loops or you want to tie the burlap in some places, you could use pipe cleaners in the similar color, as they will hardly be noticeable but will help keep the burlap in place.

Burlap wreath loops

Full tutorial: Sobremesa Stories

Burlap bow wreath

For this wreath, you’ll create a bunch of bows that will be attached to the wire wreath base. Use the burlap spools anywhere from 1 to 3 inches wide. The great thing about these burlap spools is that the edges are sewn to prevent fraying so they’re perfect for making bows. This type of wreath is made entirely from burlap bows. You’ll first create two loops using two burlap strips. They can be of different colors to make the wreath a bit more colorful. If you prefer adding decorations later on, you could use two burlap spools in the same color. Use a small piece of wire to attach the loops that will form a bow. Repeat the process as you go in the circle to fill in the rest of the wire. To decorate the wreath, you could use ribbons, bows, or even artificial flowers, such as these beautiful sunflowers. The choice of the decoration primarily depends on the theme you want to go for.

Burlap bow wreath

Full tutorial: Blessed Beyond Crazy

Floral burlap wreath

If you love floral designs, this wreath is absolutely a perfect choice. The flowers and the beads give it that stylish look, which is why this could be great for outdoor parties or weddings. You’ll need a styrofoam wreath which you’ll wrap in the burlap. This way you hide the parts of the styrofoam in case it gets visible beneath the flowers. You’ll also need a glue gun to attach the flowers to the wreath. The idea is to use three kinds of materials around 2 inches wide:

Start by folding the material in half and then simply rolling it around to make the flowers. You should secure it with some glue as you go, to make sure the flowers stay in place. Decorate each flower with a couple of pearl beads. Arrange the flowers in any way you want around the wreath. Instead of combining three types of materials, you could choose only burlap for example, and then use different colors or colorful pearl beads.

Burlap flower wreath

Full tutorial: Hello Little Scout

Do you have any experience in making wreaths? What is your favorite type of burlap wreath?

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