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Celia Rutherford  

I have been sewing since I was 13 years old. I'm 76 now so do the math. These are the best scissors I have ever used. The are easy to use and so sharp. I am using them now with my sewing and absolutely love them. Think I will get my daughter one to used in her sewing.


It's perfect for my daughter's wedding! We'll be using it for flowers and decorations! And it got here in record time too! Thanks!

La'Shari Salery 

Quick delivery great quality


Just what I needed for my daughter's wedding! It is a perfect size and love the ample roll! Great Price!

Leah R.  

Very nice quality. Very happy with this roll of burlap.

Laura Y.C Pennington

Exactly as described good quality arrived quickly

La'Shari Salery

Quick delivery great quality

Jennifer Gardinier

This ribbon is great

Patti Miller 

For a tool I use infrequently I sometimes compromise a little on quality go for mid-range on price. These feel very comfortable in my hand are nicely machined good steel and sharp true blades. The adjustment nut is brass with locking washers on both sides. If I used them a lot I would choose a shear with larger handles but for the very reasonable price I don't feel I sacrificed much quality at all.

Drency customer

Their customer service is fantastic! I love these scissors. They are very fine scissors. They are sturdy. Cut very accurately. Very sharp. However the finger holes are a little small for my hand. I told this to their customer service and they offered me a full refund and also gave me a link to their 9.5 inch scissors which they said have larger finger holes. I am very impressed both with the quality of the scissors and their customer service.


The scissors appear to be very sharp and the weight feels appropriate in my hand for cutting. I have big hands and it's sometimes hard to find scissors that are comfortable when cutting fabric and these scissors feel right.

Janet K.May

I am very pleased with these scissors. They are of good quality and superior in cutting fabrics to the scissors I was using. I highly recommend these for anyone with fabric sewing projects.

Kimberly C.  

 Love my scissors. Couldn't be happier with the investment. And they're pretty too!


 I just received these and haven't had time to fully test them out however what I have used them for they have been fantastic. They're a very solid pair of scissors and glide through the fabric with ease - at least the fabric I have used them on thus far. The cut is crisp and the blades are sharp enough for a heavier weighted fabric. I have small hands and was worried that they would be too big to use; they are big but manageable. The follow up from the company is fantastic. Completely satisfied with this purchase right now. If that ever changes I will update

Denise R.Mack  

I got my scissors yesterday and were so surprised at how beautiful and functional these scissor were. Very sharp and cut through fabric like butter. Yet very beautiful and in a equally lovely gift box. Any Seamtress Tailor or crafter would be very happy with these as a gift. Simply wonderful heirloom quality. I am more than happy with my purchase.

Drency Customer 

 Do you know all those items you've purchased delivered in that impossible to open plastic wrap. Well here's the solution. Plus a very attractive scissor shiny silver blades with gold handles. Perfect for household or office use

Paulette D. Murphy

My daughter loves to sew and I got her these scissors for her birthday. She loves them she said that they glide through material so nicely and they feel good in her hand. I like that they came in a box she keeps them in the box so her dad doesn't mistakenly see them and use them to cut paper

Cris Kline    

Good product... Light weight and sharp

Stephen Blower  

 Excellent superior product


 Ribbon arrived as quickly as expected; beautiful quality; great customer support. I used this to temporarily "rope" off about 30 offices during an Open House at our organization. I just folded the ends and inserted a push pin on either side. The ribbon didn't shred and it draped beautifully. We have a lot left so I'll have to think of something else to do with the remainder. Thank you!


The Genuine Drency 1 Inch Satin Ribbon Roll includes 50 yards of beautiful red high quality ribbon great for a variety of purposes. The ribbon is easy to manipulate and the material is smooth without ribs or ridges.

M C Perelli  

Beautiful ribbon that came in a great pouch! Would order again from them in a second. Simply the best and the stuff in the stores doesn't compare. All that at a great price too.


Very nice quality ribbon. I plan to use the ribbon to decorate the bottom edge of a white lampshade and also adhere it to the sides of several white curtain panels in my bedroom to dress them up. This will serve the purpose nicely.


 Product exactly as described and AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE AND SUPPORT


Exactly what I hoped it would be! Using it for my daughters wedding.


Beautiful ribbon. Transaction was very fast.

Lori A. Holmes

Your product is wonderful

Erin Griffin 

Great product!!! Fast service!!

Robin S.  

Great quality. We will have for a very long time.

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