10 Cutest Ribbon Hair Bows for Girls

Ribbon hair bows for girls

Share this…DIY projects with kids are an amazing experience. Not only do you get to spend quality time together, but you can also create useful products, such as hair bows. You can make a lot of hair bows, so you can have one to match each outfit of your child. And hair bows look so […]

Ribbon Hair Bows

Ribbon Hair Bows

Share this…A hair bow is a classic! It’s great for everyday look, special occasions, celebrations, etc. Kids can wear it, adults can wear it as well. Hair bow is so easy to style with different outfits, and you won’t spend much time dealing with your hair. It’s perfect for curly hair but it also looks […]

Halloween ribbon crafts

Share this…Seasonal decoration is one of the best ways of crafting with ribbons. And when October approaches and knocks the door, everything around says “Halloween”. Ribbon bows can embellish different crafting ideas, and become a spooky yet gorgeous finishing point to any of your Halloween crafting ideas. Let’s share some simple tutorials to get crafty […]

Ribbons in scrapbooking

Share this…There are so many ways to creatively using ribbons, that’s hard just to focus on ribbon bows or ribbon flowers. One of this amazing ways of crafting with ribbons is using them as embellishments for scrapbooking. Scrapbooking is an all-time favorite crafting technique that consists in making amazingly delicate and detailed frames for pictures […]

Some magical ideas for gift wrapping with ribbons

Share this…If there’s something that comes to our mind when we think about ribbon bows, it’s surely gift wrapping. The thing is, wrapping a gift is a magical moment that really makes a present something special and personal. To make a gift even more special and give it a dash of creativity, there’s nothing better […]

10 Of The Best Hair Ribbon Bow Tutorials On The Web

10 Of The Best Hair Ribbon Bow Tutorials On The Web

Share this…If there’s something absolutely gorgeous that can be done with ribbons, that’s absolutely bows. Ribbon bows are lead characters in Christmas gift wrapping, in DIY projects of all sorts, and surely for making amazing hair bands and hair decoration items in general. That’s why here in Drency, we’ve gathered some really handy tutorials that […]