10 of the best hair ribbon bow tutorials on the web

If there’s something absolutely gorgeous that can be done with ribbons, that’s absolutely bows. Ribbon bows are lead characters in Christmas gift wrapping, in DIY projects of all sorts, and surely for making amazing hair bands and hair decoration items in general. That’s why here in Drency, we’ve gathered some really handy tutorials that show how to make a bow with ribbon, and then using them for hair details and bands.

  1. Fresh Flower Hair Bows

Let’s start with a classy giant bow that simply looks amazing on a girl’s hair. A handy and easy DIY ribbon bow that will make the ribbon’s color shine and glow. The best part? It’s not that complicated.

tutoriales moños cabello 01

(Full tutorial on: Studio DIY)

  1. Curly Ribbon Hair Bows

Colorful fun ribbon bows that will be a little princess favorite accessory are not that hard to do. Luckily there are a million different forms to curl and mix ribbons to get some awesome bows.

tutoriales moños cabello 02

(Full tutorial on: Glorious Treats)

  1. Fancy Piggy Bow

Ribbon bows can be so different! Just as example, this classy and chic bows that turn any outfit into a fancy and elegant one. The trick is the fancy curly flower over the ribbon.

tutoriales moños cabello 03

(Full tutorial on: Ten Cow Chick)

  1. Butterfly Ribbon Bow

Is there something cutest than a butterfly bow? Ribbon turn to be the ideal material to create fabulous butterfly bows that are just wonderful.

tutoriales moños cabello 04

(Full tutorial on: Ten Cow Chick)

  1. Flower Brooch Bow

Luckily, ribbon bows are not just for little girls. Amazing creations like this flower brooch bows show that ribbons are really a wonderful start for great creations.

tutoriales moños cabello 05

(Full tutorial on: Grey Luster Girl)

  1. Colorful step by step ribbon bows

If there’s something cool about a “how to make a ribbon bow” tutorial, is to be really clear and easy to follow. And this one is just about perfect! So hands on and let’s make some ribbon bows.

tutoriales moños cabello 06

(Full tutorial on: Sweet Peas and Kisses)

  1. Easy and brilliant ribbon bows

Another amazing tutorial that shows step by step how to make ribbon bows that turn out to be great accessories for girls all ages. Check it out and let your DIY soul work on them!

tutoriales moños cabello 07

(Full tutorial on: Southern Plate)

  1. Elegant and classic ribbon bows

Ribbon bows can be a not expensive and lovely gift. If you feel that they’re too difficult to do, you really should check this classic ribbon bows tutorial and you won’t regret it.

tutoriales moños cabello 08

(Full tutorial on: Skip to my Lou)

  1. Simple ribbon bows

A fairly simple tutorial that delivers some cool and pretty ribbons. Perfect for DIY beginners.

tutoriales moños cabello 09

(Full tutorial on: Instructables)

  1. Small ribbon bows for hair clips

Perfect for little girls with no much hair! Simple steps, easy to follow and as result, cool and cute small bows for hair clips.

tutoriales moños cabello 10

(Full tutorial on: Make it, love it)


If you can’t wait for start making this glorious and cute ribbon bows, don’t forget to check our catalogue at Drency and if you’ve got suggestions on tutorials or ideas to DIY with ribbons, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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