Where to Buy Burlap Sacks

Buy burlap sacks

Share this…Burlap sacks are a very handy material in crafts projects. They are fairly cheap, and yet quite durable which makes them easy to handle and use for all kinds of purposes. Sometimes, you might be able to find burlap sacks in the stores that sell craft or gardening supplies, or in hardware stores. However, […]

What Is a Burlap Sack

Share this…A great percentage of burlap, also known as hessian or jute, is used for burlap sacks. Burlap sacks can also be made from other natural fibers, but some may even be made from artificial materials. These sacks are also called gunny sacks. The main characteristic of those sacks is that they are usually light […]

What Is Burlap Made Of

Share this…What is burlap? Burlap is a material that has a coarse texture coming from the strong fibers used to weave the material. It’s very durable, which is why it’s handy for all sorts of outdoor projects. It’s also heat resistant. It usually comes in the natural beige, light brown color but it’s easy to […]

Camo Burlap Rolls

Share this…If you love wilderness, camp burlap is a perfect way to blend into the surroundings. What is special about this type of burlap is that its pattern is ideal camouflage. Unlike traditional burlap ribbon which is a light shade of brown, camo burlap is treated with dye so the color can be anywhere from […]

How to Make a Burlap Wreath

Share this…There are so many creative projects where you can use burlap, and here’s one that has been particularly interesting now that the weather is warmer outside. Burlap wreaths are great outdoor decorations, regardless if you choose to hang them on the front door, on the porch, or on the tree in the garden. What […]

8 Burlap Wedding Decoration Ideas

Share this…Decorating a wedding really is an exciting thing. It’s a wonderful occasion to show off your crafting projects and creative ideas. Besides ribbon wedding decoration projects, which are already very popular, burlap ribbon is also a material which can be used to create amazing wedding decorations. Wedding banner A banner at a wedding could […]

Burlap and Home Decor

Share this…DIY projects are a great way to decorate your home. Not only can you make some handy items and decorations, but you can make your home look quite unique. Burlap is a very cheap material, widely available, which make it so handy to use for home decor. Here are a couple of ideas to […]

9 Burlap Pillows

Share this…When decorating your home, people prefer using neutral colors as they are easy to match, and they always look stylish. DIY projects are perfect to bring a dose of freshness and uniqueness into your home. And you don’t need much to make them happen. Just a couple of ideas and some basic material. In […]

12 Creative Ways to Use Burlap

12 Creative Ways to Use Burlap

Share this…If you have some burlap, you can use it in many creative ways. You can do wonders with this affordable material. All you need is a couple of creative ideas, and you’ll be ready to create some amazing things for your home. Starting from simple table decorations to boxes and bags, here are 12 […]

16 Creative Projects Made With Burlap

16 Creative Projects Made With Burlap

Share this…We just love DIY projects made with burlap! If you are looking for an understated elegance in your home décor, these creative burlap crafts are for you! We have collected a list of 16 easy DIY projects that you can make with burlap. From napkin rings to table runners, picture frames and even wedding […]