8 Burlap Wedding Decoration Ideas

Decorating a wedding really is an exciting thing. It’s a wonderful occasion to show off your crafting projects and creative ideas. Besides ribbon wedding decoration projects, which are already very popular, burlap ribbon is also a material which can be used to create amazing wedding decorations.

  1. Wedding banner

A banner at a wedding could be used to display the couple’s names, or the date, or even a love message. It’s great as a background for taking photos, and in general, it can make the setting quite special. You’ll need to cut burlap into pieces. The size of the pieces depends on how long you want a finished banner to be. Don’t make the pieces too big, if you don’t have enough space to place the banner. Besides the burlap that will be used as a base, you’ll also need paper to cut out templates, over which you’ll apply the color of your choice. This way you’ll get one new letter on each piece of the banner. In any other situation, you’d attach the burlap pieces and that’s it, but since we’re talking about a wedding banner here, you should make it a bit more special. Attach the burlap pieces with a thin lace or a long piece of ready-made pom pom trim and in the end, make flowers and place them between words.

Wedding banner

Full tutorial: Little Birdie Secrets

  1. Napkin rings

Here’s a suggestion on how to use burlap scraps. You’ll need short strips for the decoration, and one longer to wrap around the cardboard ring. You can make the ring from that leftover cardboard once you use aluminum foil roll or baking sheet. You’ll also need a couple of pieces of some other material that goes well with the burlap, just to make it a bit diverse. Fold the burlap strips into loops, attach it with a stitch, and then repeat the whole process to make the flower using all the pieces (usually around 6 or 7 pieces). The procedure is the same with fabric pieces, just be sure to cut smaller pieces so the loops are smaller. This way you get two flowers on top of each other and you will also need some decoration for the middle, which can be a button. Wrap the cardboard ring into a large piece of burlap, then attach the flower and you’re all done. Instead of fabric, you could use lace as well.

Napkin rings

Full tutorial: Maya Made

  1. Chair backs

There are so many ways to decorate chairs at a wedding, and here’s one interesting idea where you could use burlap. In fact, you won’t need much of preparation for this one. Burlap, scissors and some paint or permanent marker are all that’s needed. While the most common ideas for the chair backs banner is Mrs and Mr, you can use other labels for other guests. Or the banner can have the names of the newlyweds with the wedding date. A cool way to attach this banner is to use a piece of thread, tie it to a chair and then use tiny clothes pins.

Chair backs

Full tutorial: DIY Network

  1. Burlap boutonniere

Boutonnieres for a wedding are an amazing accessorize and such a nice detail that will be seen in the wedding photos. These can be made from all sorts of materials, but since our focus here is burlap, here’s how this particular material can be used for this purpose. You’ll need a small piece of burlap and a piece of cardboard. These two should be the same size because the cardboard basically needs to support the burlap which is rather soft. Both should be cut in a shape of a small leaf. Additional decorations on top are completely optional. You could go for a small ribbon flower or a ribbon bow. In this tutorial, the idea is to use two kinds of feathers, three kinds of buttons and a small ribbon bow. All of these decorations are attached using a glue gun.

Burlap boutonniere

Full tutorial: Green Wedding Shoes

  1. Table centerpiece

Centerpieces are an inseparable part of wedding decor. If the burlap is a material of your choice and you want centerpieces to match this, use a narrow piece of burlap and wrap it around the glass jars. This will make them a bit rustic. Put the colorful flowers into the jars and there you have it.

Table centerpiece

Photo via: Project Weddings

  1. Table runner

This part of wedding decor is an absolute must, and if the wedding is held outside, it’s even more the reason to use burlap. The project is quite simple. You’ll need a piece of burlap and additional decorations, which are optional. You could leave burlap as is, or you could use an adhesive tape to glue the edges. You could also add lace to make it a bit more stylish and elegant, or a couple of pieces of ribbon over the burlap.

Table runner

Photo via: U Create Parties

  1. Ring pillow

You’ll need 2 burlap squares for this project. The size depends on how small or big you want the ring pillow to be. Start by sewing the three sides of the two pieces. Before you finish with the fourth side, make sure you add fiberfill into the pillow. For the top decoration, you can be creative and choose all kinds of materials. You could tie a ribbon bow, or add flower decorations. You could use a piece of twine or even lace. It’s completely up to you to customize the pillow and make it match the rest of the decor.

Ring pillow

Full tutorial: Sweet Cs Designs

  1. Burlap wreath

A wreath is such a nice decoration in general, but when it comes to a wedding, it can give that special touch to the interior. This wreath is made from three types of flowers made from three different materials – burlap, lace, and tulle. Even if you choose not to arrange them into a wreath, these flowers are so adorable as wedding decorations. You could use them for a table centerpiece or curtain decorations inside the venue. They could even be used to create a bridal bouquet.

Burlap wreath

Full tutorial: Hello Little Scout

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  1. This burlap wreath idea is amazing! The flowers look adorable and I’m sure I can adapt it to use it for decorating my home.

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