16 Creative Projects Made With Burlap

16 Creative Projects Made With Burlap

We just love DIY projects made with burlap! If you are looking for an understated elegance in your home décor, these creative burlap crafts are for you! We have collected a list of 16 easy DIY projects that you can make with burlap. From napkin rings to table runners, picture frames and even wedding attire, you can easily put together these burlap crafts and make housewarming gifts, romantic house décor and get creative with the oh so simple burlap. We bet you are going to find the perfect do it yourself idea!

1. Handmade Table Runner

Although this tutorial might suggest using jute, this can easily be recreated with burlap ribbon for even a lesser cost! Weave shorter strips of burlap across the longer ones to make yourself a table runner.

Burlap Table RunnerFull Tutorial at Tara Dennis


2. Burlap Utensil Holder

This is a no sew project, perfect for newbies or the less crafty ones. A beautiful, unique way to display your utensils at any get together you hold!

Burlap Utensil HolderFull Tutorial at Over The Big Moon


3. DIY Burlap Rose

A perfect touch of rustic for a wedding reception. These are gorgeous! You won’t find a cuter burlap rose on Pinterest. Super easy to do and, again, no sew!

Burlap RoseFull Tutorial at The Mama’s Girls


4. Homemade Burlap Wreath

It doesn’t matter if you are not the greatest when it comes to crafts, and that’s because this burlap wreath is SUPER easy to make. Use some colored burlap to add a pop of color.

Burlap WreathFull Tutorial at Annie’s Aprons


5. Magazine Rack

Organize your favorite magazines in the most stylish way. This French inspired magazine rack will take you a few minutes. In no-time you’ll have the perfect place to store your magazines and catalogs.

Magazine RackFull Tutorial at The Graphics Fairy


6. Burlap Ribbon Lampshade

Turn a plain and common lamp into a rustic, vintage home décor item. Just some burlap ribbon and a hot glue. The perfect addition to your room.

Burlap Ribbon LampshadeFull Tutorial at Daisy Mae Belle


7. Burlap Banner

A modern country piece of decoration. Great for an event or simply for your room décor. Is fairly easy to do. It will take you some steps to get the final result, but it is 100% worth it!

Burlap BannerFull Tutorial at An Organized Family


8. Lavander Sachets

If you have a hard time finding fresh, fragrant lavender buds, why not make them yourself? This is an easy to do sachets in about 20 minutes.

Lavander SachetsFull Tutorial at On Sutton Place


9. DIY Bow Tie

A dashing man in a bow tie? Yes, please! Get yourself your very own dashing fella in a bow tie with this tutorial. Get your man- or yourself- a custom bow tie for any occasion!

Bow Tie
Full Tutorial at Wedding Window


10. Homemade Coaster

If you are tired of the ring stains on your furniture, or if you are simply obsessed with the cute varieties of coasters, this is the craft for you! Burlap happens to be extra-perfect since it is super-absorbent!

Homemade CoasterFull Tutorial at Alyssa & Carla


11. Burlap Ribbon Trees

Us foam cones and colored burlap ribbon to make these rustic and super cute decorative trees. This are perfect for the winter season, or simply for throwing a more country vibe in your house.

Burlap Ribbon TreeFull Tutorial at The Girl Creative


12. Napkin Rings

Turn your toilet paper rolls into beautiful burlap napkin rings. Add a sparkly pinecone to make it a little for festive for the holiday season, or keep it simple to use them all year round.

Napkin RingsFull Tutorial at Vintage News Junkie


13. Picture Frames

This are no woo picture frames. Yes, we said no wood. Cut some heavy cardboard for and wrap some burlap ribbon around it. Very simple, but yet, super creative!

Picture FrameFull Tutorial at All Thumbs Crafts


14. Rustic Garland

This is a simple and unique way to make your home look rustic and natural. A burlap garland is, again, perfect for the holidays, but if it suits your style, you can easily hang it on top of a window.

Rustic GarlandFull Tutorial at Simply Notable


15. Sunglasses Burlap Case

If you need a case to keep your pair of sunnies or, for that matter, glasses safe and sound, you can easily make this unique burlap case instead of buying a conventional cotton, polyester or plastic one.

Sunglasses Burlap CaseFull Tutorial at Crafting A Green World


16. DIY Boutonniere

You may think boutonniers are difficult to make, but that’s not the case! Making your own saves you a lot of money, especially if you need several. Make this important part of the grooms wedding jewelry yourself!

DIY BoutonnieresFull Tutorial at A Very Curious Wedding


Burlap is easy to find and relatively inexpensive. Who knew that this scratchy little piece of fabric would become so popular? Grab that burlap from our store and get started on one of these amazing projects.

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  1. I love all of the creative projects made in burlap but all of them can be made using ribbon, too! How beautiful would that be!!!!

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