12 Creative Ways to Use Burlap

12 Creative Ways to Use Burlap

If you have some burlap, you can use it in many creative ways. You can do wonders with this affordable material. All you need is a couple of creative ideas, and you’ll be ready to create some amazing things for your home. Starting from simple table decorations to boxes and bags, here are 12 ways to use burlap.

  1. Burlap silverware holder

This burlap holder is perfect for all sorts of celebrations, weddings, family dinners, etc. It’s so easy to make, without any sewing. Apart from burlap, you’ll need fusible tape and some decorations of your choice. These can be ribbon bows or lace, or you could even make a small burlap ornament, such as a flower or a star.

Burlap silverware holder
Full tutorial: On Sutton Place
  1. Burlap curtains

You’ll need a lot of burlap for this project, but luckily, the material is quite inexpensive. Cut the burlap into a size that fits your windows. Again, now sewing required, which is great, having in mind the length of the curtains. Instead of that, you’ll use stitch witchery and an iron to hold it all together. You could leave it like that, or you could decorate the curtains with other burlap or ribbon decorations.

Burlap curtains
  1. Door wreath

A door wreath is an amazing ornament which you can make from all sorts of materials, but here’s one made of burlap. Burlap makes the base of the wreath and it’s quite simple to make it. You’ll need metal wreath form and a lot of burlap. Decorations are optional, and they can be used to customize the wreath for a particular holiday. For example, add Christmas decorations during Christmas time, or a lot of hearts and red ribbon around Valentine’s Day.

Door wreath
Full tutorial: Duke Manor Farm
  1. Gift bags

We’re constantly trying to find new and creative ways to decorate gifts. Here’s one simple and yet so creative way to do it. Burlap gift bags are super easy to make but so practical for wrapping those gifts that are difficult to wrap using paper. You’ll also need a piece of ribbon to tie the bag with a nice bow.

Gift bags
Full tutorial: A Homemade Living
  1. Ruffled tablecloth

Here’s an idea how to turn an old table into something new and elegant. This tutorial shows you how to make the tablecloth using Muslin fabric and burlap combined. Follow the instructions to create ruffles and stitch them to the top of the tablecloth. Depending on the height of the table, you’ll create from two to four rows of ruffles.

Ruffled tablecloth
  1. Burlap box

Decorative boxes are so handy to have around the house. You can store all sorts of things, such as hair accessories, scarves, pieces of cut out cloth or ribbons, etc. To make this box, you’ll need an old shoe box or a storage box which you can buy at a store. You’ll also need burlap, hot glue gun, and a pen. You should cut the burlap to cover each part of the box and then use the glue gun to glue it to the box. The box is very practical just the way it is, but if you want to decorate it even more, use some ribbon or a metal name holder.

Burlap box
Full tutorial: Eco Karen
  1. Pencil holder

Don’t throw away those cans just yet! Use them to create this rustic burlap pencil holders. You could go for a simple design, by wrapping the burlap around the can and living it just like that. If you’re a bit more crafty, here’s an interesting tutorial how to make this cool looking pencil holders. Two types of ribbon and a couple of pins are also used for this particular holder.

Pencil holder
Full tutorial: Happy Happy Nester
  1. Card/Photo holder

If you want to make a nice decoration for your home, but you’re not that crafty, here’s one very easy to make. You’ll need a piece of burlap (the size is optional), scissors, glue, a cardboard tube, wooden clothespins and some ribbon. Cut the burlap, and glue its top to the cardboard tube. Add a ribbon bow at the top. Use the wooden clothespins to attach holiday cards or your family photos.

Card photo holder
Full tutorial: Honey and Lime
  1. Photo frame

Another way to display your family photos is to create a picture frame, and burlap can be quite handy in this situation as well. You’ll need a couple of photo frames, and some burlap. This looks very nice on a wall if a couple of the same size frames are aligned together.

Picture frame
Full tutorial: Decorative Adventures
  1. Burlap lamp

Burlap can even be used to decorate a lamp! This would look amazing in your living room, matched with burlap curtains and a photo frame. You could either use an existing lamp to decorate it with burlap, or you can create your own lamp, using a jar as a base. Here’s how to do it:

 Burlap lamp
Full tutorial: Red Berry Barn
  1. Burlap placemat

Although you might find readymade burlap placemats in stores, this tutorial shows how to create a custom placemat. Burlap is going to be the base. Use scissors to cut a piece of burlap you want. You’ll need some paint, gold foil and glue for decorating the placemat. Additionally, you could use some colorful threads or ribbons for decoration.

Burlap placemat
  1. Burlap bag

Finally, we have a creative idea how to make a bag using burlap. You’ll need burlap and the size will depend on how big (or small) you want your bag to look like. You’ll also need some fabric for the bag interior, which can be in any design and color you like. Since the shape is rectangular, this project is a perfect starting point. You’ll easily cut the burlap and the cloth and then you’ll need to stitch them together. Adding a burlap flower can make this bag a bit more elegant. Once you master this shape, you can use the same materials to make bags in other shapes.

Burlap bag
Full tutorial: La Maison Reid



  1. Helen

    I’ve recently purchased a lot of burlap, as I’m planning to create a couple of projects with it, and these suggestions are very helpful. I’ll start with a pencil holder, it’ll look amazing in my kid’s bedroom!

  2. Megan

    Great ideas, I especially like the burlap bag. That burlap rose flower looks very beautiful, and it can be used for other projects as well.

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