7 Crafts and DIYs Pinterest Boards You Should Follow

7 Crafts and DIYs Pinterest Boards You Should Follow

Back in the day when we lived without the magic of internet, arts and crafts were exclusive to those gifted with skilled hands and creative minds. Macaroni could only take you so far. Pasta landscapes, fruit-loops necklaces, toilet paper rolls vases. We truly lived in the dark. But then came Pinterest, and with it, a whole new era for the crafts and arts world. A creative outlet for all the crafts lovers, and an infinite source of ideas for those of us that so desperately needed an inspirational boost. But in such a vast crafts world, where to begin? Look no further for we bring you our 7 favorite crafts and DIYs Pinterest boards so you never run out of ideas!

1. I’m a Crafty Mummy!

From one crafty mummy to another, this board created by Tonya, the voice behind A Crafty Mummy, collects the best DIY and crafts for the little ones, their families and their homes.

I'm a Crafty Mummy!Visit the board I’m a Crafty Mummy!


2. DIY Home Decor

Speaking of homes, if you like your rooms decoration items to be custom made, this is the board for you. The best DIY home décor projects, makeovers and crafts that will turn your house into a very Pinterest home.

DIY Home DécorVisit the board DIY Home Decor


3. Blogger Crafts We Love

A place where our favorite blogger’s crafts are shared. Crocheting, knitting, sewing, wrapping, the list goes on and on! Everything you are looking for, and even what you didn’t even know you wanted, is in this board.

Blogger Crafts We Love
Visit the board Blogger Crafts We Love 


4. Blogger Kid’s Crafts We Love

But if what you’re looking for is the perfect kid’s projects, this is the place to look. You’ll find the best and widest collection of kid’s activities, crafts and projects. Keep your little ones busy with all these ideas.

Blogger Kids' Crafts We Love

Visit the board Blogger Kids’ Crafts We Love


5. DIY & Crafts

Run by Maggy from Red Ted Art, this DIY and crafts board contains beautiful projects that will inspire you and keep you motivated by just looking at them! The over 270, 000 followers agree on this.

DIY & CraftsVisit the board DIY & Crafts


6. Today’s Craft and DIY Ideas

Here you’ll find your daily dose of creativity. Learn something new every day with the amazing selection of DIY crafts and project tutorials and how to’s to improve your existing – or nonexistent- skills.

Today's Craft and DIY IdeasVisit the board Today’s Craft and DIY Ideas


7. DIY Crafts

Isn’t it clear what this board is about? Straight to the point! Some of the best crafts all collected in one board. From DIY craft ideas to home décor projects, we’re sure you’ll find something perfect for your craving crafter heart.

DIY CraftsVisit the board DIY Crafts



For many of us, Pinterest has become the ultimate crafter’s search engine. These are the top best place to look for ideas and inspiration on this heaven-sent app! Enjoy these boards, pick your craft and grab everything you need on Drency!

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