16 Creative Ways to Use Ribbon

If you love using ribbons in creative DIY projects, you’ll love these ideas. Regardless if you’ve just bought a new collection of ribbons of different colors, or if you have some ribbon scraps left over, you can find some creative ways to put them to a good use.

  1. Glitter jars

These glitter jars are amazing home decoration, plus they can be used as gift bags. You’ll need jars, some tape, glitter, glue and a piece of ribbon. Wrap the tape around the jar and leave the places where you’ll glue the glitter. Smudge the glue all over, spill the glitter, and then remove the tape. Tie a ribbon bow on the top of the jar.

Glitter jars

Full tutorial: Kleinworth and Co

  1. Rain boots revamp

Who says rain boots have to be dull? There’s a cool way to revamp your rain boots using a piece of ribbon, and we’re sharing the idea with you. You’ll need to cut the backs of the boots and add the grommets. You’ll then thread the ribbon and tie a bow. Now you’re ready for the rain!

Rain boots revamp

Full tutorial: Style Your Life

  1. Ribbon wreath

We all love wreaths! They’re amazing to hang on the front door, to hang them on the terrace, or simply lay them down on a table and use them as a centerpiece. There are many kinds of wreaths you can make, but here’s one made entirely out of ribbon. You’ll need lots of ribbons in different colors and patterns. You can even use ribbons of different width. Simply make small loops and attach them to the wreath.

Ribbon wreath

Full tutorial: Sweet Tea and Saving Grace

  1. Sunhat message

Check out this creative way to use ribbon! Make a statement sunhat! You’ll need a plain sunhat and a ribbon in contrasting color. Decorate the hat by placing the ribbon on the edges and spelling the message you want. Attach the ribbon with some tape at first, while you make all the letters, and then simply glue the ribbon using a glue gun.


Full tutorial: Jojotastic

  1. Notebook cover

Here’s an interesting way to decorate a notebook cover. Use colorful ribbons and simply braid them to get this interesting pattern. This would look quite nice even if you use fewer colors.


Photo via: Flickr

  1. Ribbon toy

Ribbons are also great to make kid’s toys. You’ll need a plastic or wooden ring and some colorful ribbon scraps. Simply tie the ribbons to the ring and the toy is ready. The perfect time to showcase this whimsical toy is windy weather, and the dance can start!

Ribbon toy

Full tutorial: Laughing Kids Learn

  1. Sleep mask

A sleep mask is very practical to have to help you sleep better, plus it could make a perfect gift for a friend. You’ll need some material, preferably felt or some similar soft fabric. You’ll also need a stretchy piece of ribbon for the headband.

Sleep mask

Full tutorial: Kleinworth and Co

  1. Ribbon straps

A lot of girls love strapless dresses, but we all know these dresses can be a bit uncomfortable to wear. If you have such a dress, here’s an interesting way to make ribbon straps. Simply choose the ribbon colors that go well with the dress pattern and sew the ribbons to the dress while making an X sign at the back.

Ribbon straps

Full tutorial: Pearls and Scissors

  1. Bow heels

This is another super practical solution to use ribbon! If you have a pair of heels that tends to slip when you walk, this idea is a perfect way to revamp the shoes and still make them wearable. Choose a color and type of ribbon that matches the shoes perfectly. Then simply wrap them around and tie into a bow.

Bow heels

Full tutorial: Love Maegan

  1. Stylish cushions

To make these stylish cushions, use a picot edge ribbon. You can use ready-made pillowcases, or you could make your own from other scrap materials you have left over. If you’re making your own pillowcase, here’s an idea how to make these geometrical shapes. Combining different patterns looks quite nice, and the ribbon on the edges give that special flair to these cushions.


Full tutorial: Floral and Feathers

  1. Flower topper

This sunflower topper is another creative way to use ribbon you will have to try. It’s quite easy to make, and you can adjust the patterns to create flowers of different colors as well. Such flowers are great as gift wrapping toppers, centerpieces, wall decorations, etc.

flower decoration

Full tutorial: Tikkido

  1. Candy box

Although inspired by Valentine’s Day, these candy boxes are actually great present for many different occasions. You’ll need a piece of cardstock, choose any pattern you want. You’ll also need scissors to cut the shape, a hole punch for the holes and ribbons to make a nice bow. Don’t forget the chocolates!

Candy box

Full tutorial: The House that Lars Built

  1. Ribbon table runner

This is a simple DIY project, but adorable accessories for your next dinner party. You’ll need a wide piece of burlap as a base, and a couple of colorful ribbons to go on top. Choose colors that will match the rest of the table decor.

Ribbon table runner

Full tutorial: The Sweetest Digs

  1. Cute cards

If you love making cards, here’s one where you’ll add ribbon piece and a ribbon bow to make it a bit more elegant. You’ll need white cardstock, some patterned paper, and some tape. Of course, you’ll need some ribbon for the decoration on top.

Cute cards

Full tutorial: Sweet Steph Designs

  1. Bead necklace

The ribbon is a great material to use for jewelry making, and this is quite quick and easy idea. You’ll need a piece of ribbon and a couple of beads. Large and wood beads go great with this type of necklaces.

Bead necklace

Full tutorial: Alyssa and Carla

  1. Korker hair bow

Ribbon hair bows are an absolute must-have and this korker type of bow has been very popular. On the plus side, it’s so easy to make it. You’ll need ribbons and since you’re supposed to bake them to get these curls, use grosgrain ribbon as a more sturdy type of ribbon. Use clothespins to keep the ribbon curled while baking.

Korker hair bow

Full tutorial: The Frugal Girls

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