9 Burlap Pillows

When decorating your home, people prefer using neutral colors as they are easy to match, and they always look stylish. DIY projects are perfect to bring a dose of freshness and uniqueness into your home. And you don’t need much to make them happen. Just a couple of ideas and some basic material. In this article, burlap is our material of choice, and let’s look at what kind of pillows you can make using this material.

  1. Monogram pillow

The best thing about this DIY project is that choices are endless when it comes to ways you’re going to decorate the pillow. The base is the same. You’ll need a pillow form or stuffing, burlap to create a pillowcase. Double up the burlap, as it’s loosely woven, so this way you’ll minimize holes. Now the fun part begins. Print out a letter or a word you want to have on the pillow, and cut out the pattern. Use a marker to draw the shape on burlap. In the end, use some paint to color inside the shape and leave it to dry.

Monogram pillow

Full tutorial: The SITS Girls

  1. Roses and daisy burlap pillow

This one looks quite elegant and it would make a lovely piece of decoration for your living room or a bedroom. Use the paint to color a letter or a symbol on the burlap. You’ll then add flower decorations. This tutorial features two kinds of flowers. Roses are very easy to make. Cut out 2 inches wide fabric, tie a knot in the middle, and then twist and wrap the material around the knot. For daisies, you’ll need to cut the material into flower petals, and you’ll sew them together to make a circle. Cut out a simple circle shape to sew over the stitch that holds petals together.

Roses and daisy burlap pillow

Full tutorial: Confession of a Plate Addict

  1. “No sew” pillow

This pillow is a perfect DIY project even if you’re not skillful with thread and needle, as no sewing is required. Since burlap on its own might seem a bit dull, here’s a way to spice things up. Cut one burlap piece, and one of any other material you want, such as coral. You’ll need double adhesive tape to join two materials together. This tape will hold everything in place, without sewing.

"No sew" pillow

Full tutorial: Thrift Diving

  1. Stenciled Burlap Pillow

Here’s a cool way to decorate burlap pillows with ready-made stencils. Simply choose the design or pattern you like. Put it over the burlap pillowcase and use a paintbrush to fill the empty spaces in the stencil. Remove the stencils and allow it to dry before you use the pillow.

Stenciled Burlap Pillow

Full tutorial: I Love to Create

  1. Green burlap pillow

This tutorial is inspired by St. Patrick’s Day, which is why the pillow is green and has the word “lucky”. The same way you can create a pillow inspired by other holidays, such as Valentine’s day or Halloween. Prepare the burlap and the pattern. You can use freezer paper to cut out the letters. Place it on the burlap and apply fabric paint. To create the fringes, you’ll sew the burlap on the outside, and then pull the burlap threads until you reach the thread you have previously sewed.

Green burlap pillow

Full tutorial: Craftaholics Anonymous

  1. Floral stripe pillow

You’ll need a sewing machine for this one. If you’re skillful with sewing, this will be a very easy DIY project. Choose the size of the pillow you want and then cut the burlap accordingly. You’ll also need scissors for cutting and a piece of floral fabric for the middle. Of course, instead of floral design, you can choose any other design or fabric you want. Cut the material into a stripe and sew it to the burlap. Make sure the stripe is narrow enough, you don’t want to cover the entire pillowcase with it.

Floral stripe pillow

Full tutorial: The Happy Housie

  1. Burlap stripe pillow

Unlike other tutorials, for this pillow, you’ll use burlap as a decoration only. The pillowcase is made from another type of material. For the burlap stripe you’ll need a piece of burlap and a sewing machine. For the first decoration, you can use a readymade image to paste it over the burlap stripe. You’ll also need burlap in a different color. Put the two together, and use a zigzag stitch to join them. For the second pillowcase, use some lace to sew it onto the burlap. You could leave it like that, or you could add the same decoration on the burlap.

Burlap stripe pillow

Full tutorial: Polkadot Chair

  1. Printed burlap pillow

For this pillow, you’ll need a ready-made pillowcase, a piece of burlap, scissors and an inkjet printer. Make sure you flatten the burlap well using an iron, in order to make sure it will fit into the printer. Once you print out the pattern attach the burlap to a pillowcase. You could either sew it or you could use adhesive tape to join two materials together. The tutorial features a free printable for this pillowcase.

Printed burlap pillow

Full tutorial: DIY Beautify

  1. Felt flower pillow

Here’s another way to decorate a burlap pillow. Create a simple plain pillowcase, rectangular or square, depending on the kind of pillow you want. Cut a piece of satin ribbon. This will be a stripe you’ll place on the front side of the pillow case. Now it’s time to make the flower decoration. Cut petal shapes from felt and arrange them in a circle. You’ll then cut circle shapes, fold them and arrange them in the middle of the flower. Use a glue gun to join everything together. And there you have it, a very elegant burlap pillowcase with a felt flower decoration.

Felt flower pillow

Full tutorial: The Golden Syncamore

Hopefully, these ideas will inspire you to think creatively and come up with different ideas to make something, as mundane as a pillowcase, look extraordinary.


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  1. The idea number 7 is my choice. I don’t really like these black stenciled decoration on top, but otherwise, great project.

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