10 Cutest Ribbon Hair Bows for Girls

Ribbon hair bows for girls

DIY projects with kids are an amazing experience. Not only do you get to spend quality time together, but you can also create useful products, such as hair bows. You can make a lot of hair bows, so you can have one to match each outfit of your child. And hair bows look so adorable on little girls.

The essentials for these tutorials include ribbon and a hair clip. Simply choose the bow design you like the most and follow the tutorial. Here are 10 cutest ribbon hair bows:

  1. Piggy bow

As the name suggest, these bows are perfect for pigtails. You’ll need enough ribbon to make two matching bows. You’ll sew the ribbon in the middle to create the bow, so prepare a needle and some thread. You’ll also need a glue gun to attach the bow to the hair clip. The process goes like this. Pinch the ribbon into thirds, make a loop, then bring the ribbon around, pinch again in the middle, create another loop. You should create four loops in total, two on each side. Tie a narrow piece of ribbon into a knot and glue it over the middle of the bow.

Piggy bow

Full tutorial: Ten Cow Chick

  1. Spiker hair bow

Here’s a very cute hair bow. Its spiker shape looks amazing! You’ll need five pieces of 2 inches wide grosgrain ribbon for the bow and a piece of 1/2 inch wide ribbon for the knot that goes in the middle. To create the spikes, make sure you cut a triangle at each ribbon piece. You should create two ribbon clusters, and then attach them in the middle.

Spiker hair bow

Full tutorial: Poofy Cheeks

  1. Triple loop hair bow

This hair bow has three loops on each side, which makes it seem bigger than the regular bow, even if the thin ribbon is used. Grosgrain ribbon works best with this type of bows. Both plain and colorful ribbon look great for triple loop hair bow.

Triple loop hair bow

Full tutorial: Savvy n Sassy Ribbon

  1. Curly hair bow

Have you ever baked ribbon? Well, for curly hair bow, you’ll have to try it! Start by wrapping the grosgrain ribbon around the wooden dowels and secure the ribbon with a wooden clothes pins on each end. Lay the ribbon dowels on a baking sheet and bake 25 minutes at 275 degrees. Baking will make ribbon stay curly. Make sure the ribbon is cool before you cut it into 3 to 4 inch long pieces. Attach the pieces in the middle, using either a thread or glue. You could leave it like that, or you could add this as a cool decoration on top of a regular bow.

Curly hair bow

Full tutorial: Glorious Treats

  1. Elegant ribbon bow

If you have a special event, such as a birthday party or a family dinner coming up, here’s an elegant hair bow for girls. It’s so easy to make, and the materials you’ll need are quite cheap. You’ll need grosgrain ribbon, wire, a hair clip, glue gun and scissors. Make sure you prepare a button or a pin that can be attached to a bow. This makes the bow quite elegant and stylish.

Elegant ribbon bow

Full tutorial: Skip to My Lou

  1. Spirit ribbon hair bow

Instead of a hair clip, you’ll need ponytail elastic for this hair bow. Besides ribbon, you’ll need scissors and a button. Cut the ribbons into strips, join them in the middle using a thin piece of ribbon. Attach the elastic using the same piece of ribbon, and finally, add a button on top to cover the joint part. The ribbon will be loosed along each side, which will look very nice when wearing a ponytail.

Spirit ribbon hair bow

Full tutorial: Uncommon Designs Online

  1. Flower hair bow

This one is a perfect hair bow for little girls. You can either attach it to a hair clip or you could attach it to a headband if your little girl is too young to wear hair clips. Start by cutting four pieces of ribbon, approximately 8 inches long, then cut shorter ribbons, around 6 and 4 inches long. You’ll need twelve pieces in total, and you’ll shape them like a number eight. Use the glue gun to attach them all together in the middle, starting from the largest pieces. You can add a button in the middle of the flower.

Flower hair bow

Full tutorial: The Turquoise Piano

  1. Butterfly bow

Here’s a bow perfect for spring and summer time. You’ll need two types of ribbon, to make the butterfly look more colorful. Place the long piece of ribbon to a short one, create two loops and glue them together. You’ll do the same to make the bottom half of the butterfly. Go on and repeat the process with the ribbon of a different color. You’ll also need to bake one piece of ribbon to make it curly, for the central part.

Butterfly bow

Full tutorial: Ten Cow Chick

  1. Baby’s hair bow

You’ll start by covering the hair clip in the ribbon. This no-slip grip solution is perfect to keep the bow in place. You’ll need 3 pieces of ribbon 4 inches long. Cut longer pieces if you want a larger bow. Use one piece to tie a knot, if possible in the middle. Then fold the other pieces to make a circle, flatten them and make an X sign. Glue the folded pieces to the ribbon with a knot in the middle.

Baby's hair bow

Full tutorial: Make It & Love It

  1. Double ribbon bow

Here’s a classic bow, which always looks great when used as accessories. You’ll need a piece of ribbon, a thread to tie the ribbon in the middle, and a glue gun to glue the hair clip to the bow. You’ll also need scissors for cutting. For this bow, you need to create two loops on each side, to get a double bow. It’ll look like you have two bows tied into one. In the end, use a shorter piece of ribbon, with a knot in the middle to wrap the middle part and cover the stitch used to join the loops.

Double ribbon bow

Full tutorial: Southern Plate


  1. Sylvia

    I’ve already made a couple of ribbon bows in the past, but these ideas are amazing. I’ll be trying curly and spiker hair bow next! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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