Halloween Ribbon Crafts

Halloween Ribbon Crafts

Seasonal decoration is one of the best ways of crafting with ribbons. And when October approaches and knocks the door, everything around says “Halloween”. Ribbon bows can embellish different crafting ideas, and become a spooky yet gorgeous finishing point to any of your Halloween crafting ideas. Let’s share some simple tutorials to get crafty and handy right away and prepare an awesome Halloween.


  1. Halloween Lollipops

When we think about Halloween, candies and treats are the very first things that come to our minds. So, let’s prepare some scary yet very pretty looking lollipops for kids that knock our doors for trick or treat.

Halloween Crafts for Kids

(Full tutorial in Yesterday on Tuesday)



  1. Halloween Ribbon Wreath

A very interesting way of seasonal decorating our homes for Halloween is using a spooky or eek wreath. And using ribbons for crafting a colorful wreath is an incredible way to welcome fall and the joy of Halloween. Here two different yet fun ways of crafting a Halloween Ribbon Wreath.

Halloween: DIY Ribbon Wreath

(Full tutorial in See Vanessa Craft)


Recommended items for this tutorial:

Metal wreath frame


Lots of ribbon


  1. Trick or treat boxes

There’s no Halloween without fun and handy Trick or Treat boxes or bags. A classy way of going out and ask for candies while wearing a special costume. The fun of Halloween expressed with beautiful ribbon bows over original Halloween designs.

Ginger snap crafts

(Full tutorial in Ginger Snap Crafts)

Recommended items for this tutorial:

Bewitched Paper Pack

Stiky thumb


  1. Ribbon covered pumpkins

Orange, pumpkins and Halloween are something that just goes together well. So let’s try some simple yet brilliant ribbon covered pumpkins for Halloween: it’s never been so easy.

DIY Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

(Full tutorial in Betty Crocker)

Recommended products for this tutorial:

Chef hat

Spray adhesive

– Mod podge Sponge brush


  1. Halloween Garland

A garland is a neat way of decorating a large area. Ribbons are perfect for crafting nice garlands, and Halloween is not the exception. Whether it be ghosts, bats or spiders, small decorations added to a flashy black or orange ribbon will make our home look spooky and nice at the same time.

Spookily Awesome DIY Halloween Crafts

(Full tutorial in Craft Oxes)


Aside from these ideas, there are tons of nice crafting items to let Halloween invade your house, cupcake bases, ribbon bats, table decorations in burlap… the list is large, so share with us here at Drency your favorite crafting projects for Halloween.

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