How To Make A Ribbon Garland

How To Make A Ribbon Garland

Shabby garlands are a hit in decoration. They can be used in the permanent design of a room (they’re just lovely in a nursery, for example) and they’re just awesome when added to a party or special occasion celebration. They can be made in different materials such as fabric and burlap, but when you choose colored ribbons, garlands have a special glow that make them just magic. If you’re looking forward to create a flashy and spectacular garland, we’ve gathered some neat tutorials for you.


  1. Basic nursery garland

The basic design of a ribbon garland is to tie up ribbon strips to another ribbon or thin rope to get a hanging set of color that can match any decoration. This tutorial shows the basics about a ribbon garland.
The Nursery: a DIY ribbon garland
(Full tutorial The sweetest digs)
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  1. Making the knots

The trickiest step while making a ribbon garland can be tying the knots the correct way. In this detailed tutorial you’ll get clues to get it right every time.

Highchair Fabric Garland

(Full tutorial in Two Twenty One)


  1. Ribbon tassel garland

This cute tassel garland shows another way to crafty using ribbons to create a very unique garland. The best thing is: it’s very easy to make. The tassels combine three different patterns or colors and so, they create a standout decoration item.

DIY: Ribbon Tassel Garland

(Full tutorial in Alin Paty)

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Hot glue gun


  1. Multicolored garland with glue

A glue gun can be a crafty person’s best friend. This garland has no knots or ribbon bows: just colored ribbons and some glue drops. It makes an amazingly fun table decoration for any party.

Multicolored Ribbon Garland

(Full tutorial in PBS)


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  1. Long colored tassel garland

A fancy variation of the ribbon tassel garland is making the tassels with just one color of ribbon. That way, you can make garland’s assemble to decorate a wall or an entire area of a room. It works for party decoration, too.

Make Tassel Garland with Ribbon

(Full tutorial in Mayarts)


So, which will be your ribbon garland decoration project? Share it with us, we’re eager to hear from you here at Drency.

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