Ribbon Embroidery

Ribbon Embroidery

Using ribbon in crafting is a very easy task, since it’s a very versatile item that can be added to almost any sort of project. From ribbon bows and flowers to amazingly beautiful wedding decorations, ribbon is a basic element in a crafting room. A very delicate way of using ribbons is making embroidery designs. Normally, these designs use silk ribbon in a thin length, but actually, any ribbon can be crafted to achieve neat embroidery projects. The combination with embroidery floss opens the possibility for a very wide range of designs. Let’s check out some basic tutorials for getting started in this elegant and beautiful projects.


  1. Basic stitches

For getting started in this elegant and ancient art, it’s important to know how to do some basic stitches. Whit these, we’ll be able of crafting flowers, bouquets and elegant and colorful patterns. So, get the needle ready and try these simple patterns.

Basic stitches

(Full tutorial in Threads Magazine)


  1. A five petal flower

Flower ribbons can be made in many different ways. With or without stitches. With or without glue. In ribbon embroidery, flowers are a recurring element and a beautiful way of designing colorful patterns. This five petal flower is no difficult at all and can be added to different big projects, like cushions, towels, wedding decoration and etcetera.

A five petal flower
(Full tutorial in Carol Daisy)


  1. Pulling out the ribbon

Doing ribbon embroidery isn’t quite the same thing than regular embroidery, since ribbon is obviously thicker than embroidery floss. So holding and pulling the ribbon correctly can be a bit tricky. This tutorial shows exactly how it should be done, plus in the same page there are many other tutorials for really digging ribbon embroidery.

Pulling out the ribbon

(Full tutorial in Honey Bees Bliss)

Recommended items for this tutorial:

Grosgrain Ribbon, pink


  1. French Knot

Another great and simple way of stating ribbon embroidery creations is using this French knot. It can be a bit tricky to get it well the first time, but once you’ve understood how to get it well, it will enhance all your embroidery projects. Just making flower centers with it can make any design look nicer and more sophisticated.

French Knot

(Full tutorial in Stitch Piece n Purl)


As you can see, ribbon embroidery is certainly a fun and pretty way of transforming ribbon into beautiful and diverse decoration and useful objects. It just needs a bit of patience and a big bunch of creativity. Why not taking a nice elegant ribbon from our online store Drency.com and transform it with the inspiration given by these embroidery tutorials?

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