Halloween ribbon crafts

Share this…Seasonal decoration is one of the best ways of crafting with ribbons. And when October approaches and knocks the door, everything around says “Halloween”. Ribbon bows can embellish different crafting ideas, and become a spooky yet gorgeous finishing point to any of your Halloween crafting ideas. Let’s share some simple tutorials to get crafty […]

Ribbons and weddings

Share this…If there’s a day in which decoration can make a huge life impact, it’s certainly a wedding day. Everything about a wedding is meant to be great and spectacular. And ribbons can help making a huge impact and beautiful everlasting memories. Whether it be with ribbon bows or ribbon flowers, or even with original […]

Easy DIY projects with ribbons

Share this…Ribbons are a very useful and dynamic DIY supply. It’s quite easy to enhance any DIY and crafting project just adding ribbon bows or ribbon flowers, but there are many other things that can be crafted around a nice ribbon. Colors and glow are a great way to top a crafting idea, but the […]

Awesome ribbon flower tutorials

Share this…Flowers and ribbons are a great match! If you were not sure about what you could do with some luxury and high end ribbon like the one you can craft amazingly pretty and cute flowers of different sizes and shapes. Ribbon also can be used in embroidery projects and yes, in such projects flowers […]