Ribbons and weddings

If there’s a day in which decoration can make a huge life impact, it’s certainly a wedding day. Everything about a wedding is meant to be great and spectacular. And ribbons can help making a huge impact and beautiful everlasting memories. Whether it be with ribbon bows or ribbon flowers, or even with original and hyper creative ideas like lampshades, curtains or table dressings, ribbons can give any wedding decoration a dash of style and an elegance accent. Let’s check out some ideas that can make your creativity boost!

  1. Ribbon Ring Pillow

Some linen, a beautiful ribbon chosen to match the colors of your wedding decoration and you’ll have an amazing cushion that will make your rings look even more marvelous. Isn’t it cute?


(Full tutorial in Martha Stewart Weddings)

  1. Knots and ribbon magic

With colorful ribbon, creativity and some good knots, you can have a bright decoration for your wedding. On chairs, on arches, even on simple poles, flying ribbons just attached with straight knots can make a beautiful frame for a wedding celebration.


(More ideas in Wedding Party App)

  1. Hanging pretty stuff

Walking the isle to say “yes” it’s one of the most exciting moments of a lifetime. So, decorating the isle is not a side project while preparing a wedding: it’s one of the main chores while running a wedding decoration. Ribbons can be great and useful tools in such endeavor. Hanging jars or vases with flowers, or even more original items such as metal buckets or baskets are a neat way of introducing ribbons in your wedding decoration.


(More ideas in Bride Box)

  1. Table runners

Nothing speaks better of a great wedding as the tables for the reception. Flowers, golden linen, lace and ribbon. The combinations are almost endless and they can match any style and budget. DIY table runners are not a difficult thing to do, and making them will make you feel proud of your involvement in your own wedding.


(More ideas in My Wedding)

  1. Ribbons and bouquets

No wedding is complete without a beautiful bouquet. Flowers are just a no miss item in a wedding, and properly tied with gorgeous ribbons, they make unforgettable bouquets. Wedding pictures relay enormously in a good and glamorous wedding bouquet, so add ribbon bows and flying ribbons to yours and enjoy the magic.


(More ideas in Brides)

Still looking for more ideas to add ribbons to your wedding decoration? Don’t forget visiting our Pinterest account to find more and more ribbons magic!





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