9 Sewing Hacks That Will Change Your Life

9 Sewing Hacks That Will Change Your Life

Step up your sewing game and make your DIY sewing projects easier with these 9 hacks we’ve put together for you. Increase your skills, speed up your process, be a batter seamstress in a snap! From hacks to just some pretty awesome tips you will wish someone have told you years ago. Whether you’re new to sewing or an old pro, you’ll sure find something helpful.


1. The Secret to Hemming Curved Edges

No more frustration or lumpy hemlines! Learn how to hem curved edges, like a neckline, using Lisa’s little secret. This trick will get you a nice smooth hem at the first try! Guaranteed.

The Secret to Hemming Curved EdgesVia Mabey She Made It


2. Test Your Stitch Before You Sew It

Hold your horses! We know you can’t wait to get started with your sewing projects. But, as Alicia Thommas says, experience has taught her that ripping out a bad seam is even worse than testing a stitch.  Check out her recommendations.

Test Your Stitch Before You Sew ItVia Sew4Home


3. Bodkin Basics

This is an understated, misunderstood sewing tool in the workroom. Learn the basis and how to’s of this handy tool to easily fed through a casing ribbon, yarn, or elastic. Try it!

Bodkin BasicsVia The Sewing Loft


4. How to Sew Buttons by Hand

You thought you knew how to sew a button? Think again. Learn the secret! This fool-proof method on hand-sewing a button will wow you. So simple, so easy. Don’t sleep on this one!

How To Sew Buttons By HandVia Sewmccool


5. No More Tangles

No matter what sewing project you are working on, you’ll probably have to use a hand needle and, easily twistable, knotting thread. Lear some tips on how to have a tangle-free hand sewing experience!

No More TanglesVia Sew4Home


6. Needle Threading Secret

This is all over the internet! Haven’t you see it? For a tired sight, newbies, or simply if that thread is being extra difficult, this is a super simple trick to threading a needle.

Needle Threading SecretVia Andrea’s Notebook


7. Finding the Grain

Fit. That’s why finding the grainline is so important. If you want you clothe to fit properly and don’t twist in odd places, this trick is a must.  Caitlin Clarck has you covered on this one!

Finding the GrainVia Colette


8. How to Keep Buttons on Longer

Missing buttons sure sucks. We know that. But you can prevent it from happening. How, do you wonder? Nail polish. A drop of clear polish will keep the threads together longer!

How To Keep Buttons On LogerVia Wonder How To


9. Stop Your Rulers From Slipping

Accuracy in sewing is important, and you can only achieve it with a ruler! But what if it keeps slipping? If you don’t want your cloths to end up the wrong size, the go ahead and check out this trick.

Stop Your Rulers From SlippingVia So Sew Easy



Make your sewing faster and more fun with these amazing sewing hacks! Don’t forget to check out our amazing sewing scissors to make it even easier!

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