Basic Ribbon Bow Tutorial

Basic Ribbon Bow Tutorial

Here at Drency we aim to share the best craft tutorials that already exist in the web, but we also want to collaborate putting up our very own tutorials and advices for a happy crafting life, obviously, with ribbons.

In this tutorial, we’re going to show you the very basic ribbon bow. Either you’re a beginner and this will suit you perfectly to start walking the crafting and ribbon enjoying path, or you’re an expert that can give us your advices on this matter and make richer the idea of the basic ribbon bow as the beginning of an infinite set of crafting and gift wrapping projects.

As a first step for this project, here are the supplies we used:

And now, the easy to follow steps for accomplishing a perfect and simple basic ribbon bow.

1. Make a bow, some kind of an “M” with your ribbon.

basic ribbon bow 01

2. Cross the two upper corners of the “M” you had shaped with your ribbon.

basic ribbon bow 02

3. Make a firm knot, taking care (and here’s the trick) to pull the two corners and the two ribbon ends at the very same time.

4. At this point, you can decide the length of your bow and firmly fix it to last.

5. All you have left is to add this ribbon to your crafting or gift wrapping project.

Don’t forget to share with us your pictures and ideas, here at Drency we’re all about craft loving teams and simple yet beautiful ribbon ideas!

basic ribbon bow drency

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