Cheap Farmhouse Decor

When it comes to decorating a home, there are so many nice things that even though they might seem small, they add so much to the overall interior design. Therefore, home decor is a topic people love to dwell upon, exploring new ideas for home decor. Contrary to the popular belief, home decor doesn’t have to be expensive. This is why we’ve gathered a list of cheap farmhouse decor, priced under $15 each.

Striped pillowcase

This pillowcase simply radiates with vintage and farmhouse shine. Pastel colors and simple design make it a great piece of your home decor, one that will fit perfectly into a living room. In addition, you can choose from a variety of different colors and shades. It’s made from linen blend in the size 45 cm x 45 cm.

Vintage pillow home decor

Simple Striped Home Body Pillowcases

Wood hanging sign

Wall decor is a nice way to bring a touch of rustic into your home. Hence, here’s a wooden hanging sign with a printed message that says “This is my happy place”. The sign is 12 inches long and 6 inches wide, with an attached metal hanger/easel.

Rustic wood sign

Graphics Motivation Sign

Window curtain

New curtains will instantly open up space, especially if you choose this type of light curtains that still allow light to come through. A blend of contemporary and vintage look will bring an element of sophistication and elegance into your room. In addition, a variety of colors provides enough of a selection to style your home, office, etc. The curtains are made of polyester and are machine washable.

Vintage curtains

Rod Pocket Wave Line with Dots Linen Look Voile Curtains

Burlap table runner

Placing a table runner on the dining table is surely going to bring a dose of elegance to your home. It’s ideal for dinner parties, weddings, holiday table decoration and other celebrations. Since the table runner is made from the natural material, in this case, burlap, and lace, this will look vintage and it will perfectly blend home decor. Therefore, if you look for a cheap farmhouse decor, this might just be a perfect choice.

Rustic burlap table runner

Burlap Hessian Table Runner with Lace

Salt and pepper shakers

Another addition for your dining room is certainly these adorable salt and pepper shakers. They are quite small, holding up to 1 ounce, but just enough to be an interesting decor on the table. These mason jar shaped shakers look quite the country style and rustic.

Vintage shakers

Mason Jar Salt and Pepper Shakers

Country rug

If you want a country style rug, here’s one that is quite affordable. It has a centrally located country-inspired image with brown and reddish coloring that brings such a unique charm to the room. It’s very soft and thus suitable for high traffic. The oval rug measures are 19 1/2” x 30”.

Vintage rug

Primitive Country Charm Oval Braided Rug, Brown

Shelf tote

Speaking of cheap farmhouse decor, we have to mention baskets. Not only are they super useful and interesting piece of decor for every home, they’re also very affordable and available in a variety of colors and designs. Simply choose a style and material you want and you’ll see plenty of options. This one, in particular, is perfect for keeping scarves, beauty products, toys, school supplies, kitchen supplies, etc. It’s available in several colors.

Rustic basket

Rattique Small Shelf Tote, Java

Wire storage basket

It’s such a convenience having an extra storage space, and if you can make it a piece of cheap farmhouse decor, it’ll be perfect. Here’s an adorable wire storage basket with two handles. Its sturdy steel construction makes it suitable for holding all sorts of supplies, from fruit and vegetables to candies and juice bottles. You can choose between two sizes, small and medium.

Rustic wire basket

Twist Wire Storage Basket, Medium, Black

Rustic photo frame

Having a vintage photo frame is a classic. Choose neutral colors and if you love the distressed finish, always go for it because it fits amazingly into vintage, farmhouse decor. Wood is a classic choice when it comes to choosing the material from which the photo frame is made. Also, pay attention to the dimensions of the frame, and the image size it holds.

Rustic photo frame

Classic Mouldings Off White Distressed Picture Frame

Vintage candle holder

Another piece of cheap farmhouse decor you’ll love is this beautiful candle holder. The glass is frosted with a floral pattern and butterflies. When you light up a candle, the light shines through the patterns giving it an instant romantic and joyful feeling. It would be a beautiful and unique way to decorate many special occasions, such as engagement parties, holidays with family, weddings. It comes as a set of 3 candle holders.

Vintage candle holder

Peony and Butterfly Decal Frosted Glass Candle Holder

These cheap farmhouse decor ideas are perfect as housewarming gifts, as anniversary presents, etc. but they’re also an amazing way to decorate your own home and make everyday special.

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