Rustic Farmhouse Decor You Can Buy on Amazon

Rustic farmhouse decor

They say that life is made of little things. Well, we could say that for your home as well. There are so many wonderful items you can buy on Amazon to bring that rustic style to your home. Starting from small decorations for the living room such as a lantern or a pillow cover to rustic shelves and photo frames. Almost anything that you can imagine can be found right there available to you, only a click away. In case you’re in the process of renovating your home and you’re looking for rustic style, you’ll love our list of rustic farmhouse decor you can buy on Amazon.

Square pillow cover

A pillow cover is a great way to bring that rustic vibe into your home. When paired well with the sofa, it can instantly refresh the living room. Due to its neutral color, this square pillow cover will go well in most homes, regardless if you decide to place it on the sofa, or in other rooms as home decor. The size is 18 x 18 inches, and the material from which it’s made is cotton. The sign says “Home Sweet Home”.

Rustic pillow

Fashion Square Pillow Cover Cushion Case

Large storage basket

Storage baskets are always very useful to have in your home. Not only is this basket useful, it’s also a great addition to your farmhouse style home. You can keep anything from kid’s toys, towels, laundry, scarves, etc. Depending on what you decide to keep inside will determine in which room you’re going to place it. It will look well in the bathroom, kitchen, even kid’s room. The basket is made from a sturdy burlap style jute material. It has two handles and it says “Home” on the front with two crossed arrows. It’s collapsible so it saves space when you’re not using it. The basket is available in the size 20 x 15 x 11.

Farmhouse basket

Extra Large Home Storage Basket

Vintage lantern

Here’s a charming piece of rustic farmhouse decor you can buy on Amazon. This vintage lantern is an absolutely adorable piece that would look quite nice on a shelf or a coffee table. It’s made of metal and it’s available in blue color with a distressed finish. There’s a removable lid to open it and place the candle inside. The size without the handle is 2.5 x 2.5 x 4.5 inches, which means it’s a mini lantern.

Rustic lantern

Kate Aspen Vintage Lantern, Blue

Wood hanging sign

Since rustic style is all about natural materials, here’s a wood sign that would be an amazing piece of decor for your home. There’s a powerful message “Be grateful” on the sign. It’s made from real wood and the dimensions are 5 x 10 inches. The wood has a distressed design to add more of a rustic charm. It comes with a hanging jute rope for easy hanging.

Wood sign

Wood Plank Design Hanging Sign

Farmhouse welcome mat

Here’s a nice addition to your kitchen. A welcome mat in that recognizable farmhouse style for indoor use, commonly used in the kitchen. The dimensions are 36 x 24 inches. It has dark tan background with white text that says “Gather”.

Rustic mat

Farmhouse Style Welcome Kitchen Mat

Rustic box shelves

Another rustic farmhouse decor you can buy on Amazon include numerous types of shelves, and these, in particular, come as a set of three wooden wall shelves shaped like boxes. The sets come in two different sizes, each containing three shelves, small, medium and large. The wood looks quite old and rustic, which fits into a farmhouse decor theme quite well. The design is quite simply which is another reason why these would fit farmhouse decor perfectly.

Rustic shelves

Rustic Open Box Shelves

Wire storage basket

In case you want a creative way for storage, we suggest this wire storage unit with a set of three baskets. You can mount it on the wall, using 2 holes attached to the back, or keep on the floor. It’s quite handy for keeping fruit and vegetables,  but you can also store toiletries and linens, office supplies, newspapers, etc. What is certain is that it does bring that dose of rustic farmhouse style to your home.

Farmhouse wire basket

Wire Wall 3 Storage Bin Fruit/Vegetable Basket

Bathroom set

This adorable bathroom set would be an amazing housewarming gift. It brings that vintage look with a rustic distressed finish and jute bows wrapped on top of the jars. The set includes five elements which are hand painted with a sea glass color. In addition, each piece of the set is very useful for storing toiletries. The bathroom set is available in several different colors which you can choose from the pallet available in the listing.

Bathroom set decor

Painted Mason Jar Bathroom Set of 5 | SEAGLASS

White wood frame

Photo frames are an excellent way to bring that homey atmosphere and proudly display family memories. If you want to highlight farmhouse style at the same time, a distressed finish of a photo frame is a way to go. This wooden frame is white with a distressed finish and visibly rusty nails. It’s available in several sizes and colors. It has a two-way easel for vertical or horizontal display, as well as wall hangers if you want to hang the frame on the wall.

Vintage photo frame

Homestead Wood Frame

Cork holder

Bring the rustic vibe to your home with this cork holder. It holds up to 50 corks and it’s made from high-quality steel. There are several shapes and styles to choose from.

Cork holder

Juicy Pineapple Cork Holder, Brown

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