Easy DIY Projects With Ribbons

Easy DIY Projects With Ribbons

Ribbons are a very useful and dynamic DIY supply. It’s quite easy to enhance any DIY and crafting project just adding ribbon bows or ribbon flowers, but there are many other things that can be crafted around a nice ribbon. Colors and glow are a great way to top a crafting idea, but the truth is we’re not all as crafty as we would wish to be, so today here at Drency we’re sharing some awesome and yet simple ideas that can transform a ribbon into something cute and magical.

  1. Scrap Ribbon House Sign DIY

This fantastic House Sign it’s made out with ribbon scrap! So, if you have been crafty and you have some ribbon leftovers, you can transform them in something as cute as this house. Or you can innovate and with the same basic idea, create a heart sign or letters sign to hang outside the bedrooms.

Scrap Ribbon House Sign DIY

(Full tutorial in Running with a Glue gun studio)

Recommended items for this tutorial:

– Quick Dry Fabric Fusion

Wooden House

Hemp Cord

Printed Grosgrain ribbons


  1. Simple Ribbon bookmarks

You cannot find a simplest crafting project involving ribbons than these amazingly cute ribbon bookmarks. Ribbon bos easily made and a paper clip. Reading will be by far cooler with these ribbon details to mark your advances. Also, they can be nice personalized gifts.

Easy DIY Ribbon Bookmarks

(Full tutorial in Home Talk)


  1. Baby personalized toys

Adding sunshine ribbon details to a baby toy is a great way of personalizing a gift if you have friend that’s waiting for a baby arrival. Just let your imagination fly taking this simple and easy to follow tutorial.

Sunshine for babies – handmade baby toys

(Full tutorial in So Sew Easy)

Recommended products for this tutorial:

Yellow terry toweling



  1. Flying ribbon lamp

In this amazing tutorial you’ll find several incredible ideas for toying with ribbons and DIY projects for a wedding, but the coolest of all of them it’s no doubt the flying ribbon lamp. Just ribbons and knots and there you have some colorful and magic decoration item.

Flying ribbon lamp
(Full tutorial in The very last detail)


  1. Ribbon and charms bracelet

There are some ribbon tutorials and projects that can make us awe at how easily ribbons can be transformed in something pretty and cool. Let’s take for example this bracelet, as simple to craft as reading the tutorial on the web!

Ribbon and charms bracelet

(Full tutorial in Happy hour projects)


  1. Ribbon hair ties

Ribbon allows to a fully extent personalization of a wide array of items. These hair ties are just a proof that there are very easy to make crafting tutorials with ribbons. Can’t be simpler to follow!

Hair ties

(Full tutorial in Xovain)



Did you like these simple DIY projects with ribbons? Do you have some other tutorial you think we should include? Contact us and don’t forget to stop by our boutique!

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