Some magical ideas for gift wrapping with ribbons

If there’s something that comes to our mind when we think about ribbon bows, it’s surely gift wrapping. The thing is, wrapping a gift is a magical moment that really makes a present something special and personal. To make a gift even more special and give it a dash of creativity, there’s nothing better than a cute and DIY ribbon bow. There are many ways and fashions to curl and make awesome ribbon bows that will top with style any gift. Here we’ve collected some great tutorials for letting your DIY instincts fly and discover the magic of ribbon gift wrapping.

  1. A loopy bow

Loopy bows are a very fashionable way of topping any gift. The trick is to make the loops big and steady enough, and surely, using some high quality ribbon.

(Full tutorial in Save on Crafts)

moños de regalo 01

  1. Small flower ribbon bow

If what you’re looking for is something cute and little, this ribbon flower is a perfect fit. You’ll need some cardboard to make the template and a few stitches here and there, but overall it’s quite easy and it’ll make a prefect detail over any gift.

(Full tutorial in Icreativeideas)

moños de regalo 02

  1. Simple fluffy bow

Fluffing ribbon can be an addictive DIY activity. Making a ribbon bow while fluffing ribbon it’s just crafting perfection. Also, the ribbon bows that you can obtain with this technique are so gorgeous you’ll be tempted to adding them to all your gifts!

moños de regalo 03

(Full tutorial in Dust in Pike)

  1. No-sew ribbon bow

If you’re looking for something really simple and an easy-to-follow tutorial, then you’ll love these two layers and no sewing ribbon bows that will just enhance all your crafted gift wrapping.

moños de regalo 04

(Full tutorial in Ruffled Blog curtesy of Creature Comforts)

  1. Ribbon bow with a comb

Yes, you’re reading correctly. Ribbons are such a polyvalent starting point, that you can actually make an awesome bow using a comb as the template. The best part it’s that they’ll surely be the coolest ribbon bows you’ve made for topping a gift.

moños de regalo 05

(Full tutorial in LouLou )

As you can see, there are many ways of crafting some neat and pretty ribbon bows for your gift wrapping and crafting ideas. Do you have another tutorial you’d like to share with us? Don’t hesitate and send it to us. Here at Drency, ribbons are our passion and we love sharing it around!

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