Ribbons in scrapbooking

There are so many ways to creatively using ribbons, that’s hard just to focus on ribbon bows or ribbon flowers. One of this amazing ways of crafting with ribbons is using them as embellishments for scrapbooking. Scrapbooking is an all-time favorite crafting technique that consists in making amazingly delicate and detailed frames for pictures and making with them a DIY album full of memories and of beautifully crafted elements.

Obviously, in such kind of hobby, the use of ribbons is an everyday thing. Just remember how pretty ribbon bows or ribbon flowers are. Now add them to a photo frame, sewed to several pages of images, poems and life fragments, and you’ll get an awesome way of saving your most precious memories. Let’s check out some of the must neat ways of introducing ribbons into scrapbooking.

  1. Simple frames

Different length and colored ribbons turn out to be amazingly cool frames for scrapbooking, even in a very simple way. Straight angles with contrasting colors, thin ribbons against thicker ones…there are many ways for putting a ribbon to use in an easy scrapbooking project.


(Full tutorial in Everything about scrapping)

  1. Flowers everywhere

Ribbon flowers are just too cute to avoid using them in a scrapbooking project. There are many ideas to arrange ribbon flowers into a photo frame in a scrapbook, but this easy to make flowers with a simple stitch and some buttons will certainly enhance any scrapbook idea you’re crafting.


(Full tutorial in Scrapbooking about)

  1. Layouts with ribbons

In most scrapbooking online sites and workshops there are usually tons of cute layouts to be used while dealing with personal projects. There are some ideas that already put to use some ribbons from the beginning, or you could improve other existing layouts by adding color and a dash of glow with some high quality ribbon details.


(Full tutorial in Scrapbooking advice)

  1. Ribbon patterns

Another very useful tool that’s easily found on scrapbooking sites is a more layered pattern. Not just a layout for guiding your own project, but vector patterns that are really easy to follow. There are many and really different scrapbooking patterns that include ribbons, so you can put your creativity into practice!


(Full tutorial in FreePik)

  1. Ribbon flowers layout

Among the many ways of designing a scrapbooking pattern, flowers and ribbon bows are certainly lead characters. This yellow layout uses ribbon as its star, but without losing balance and elegance. Really easy to follow if you’re a scrapbooking beginner.


(Full tutorial in Best Free Digital Scrapbook)

  1. Bonus: a list of ideas to use ribbons in scrapbooking

In this clever list, you’ll find no image tutorials, but many useful hints to use all lengths and kinds of ribbons and give life and a shiny edge to your scrapbooking projects: Pioner Thinking. (Also, it gives thoughtful ideas to use ribbon just everywhere!)

So, do you think on starting a brand new scrapbook? Try out adding some ribbons with these or other crafty ideas and let your creativity shine. Looking for some ribbons? Don’t forget to visit our boutique on Drency.com

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