Top Examples For Gift Wrapping With Ribbons

Top Examples For Gift Wrapping With Ribbons

This is the season! The season to wrap thoughtfully chosen gifts, that is. You will probably spend hours, days, and in some cases, even weeks looking for the perfect present, finding the one that shows how much you care. Shouldn’t the outside be just as amazing as that gift within? There’s nothing like a beautifully wrapped gift. Crisp wrapping paper, sparkly details and bright colors. Everything adds to the experience of receiving a present. Those little details can really set your gift apart.

If you enjoy making your wrapping unique, one essential for your paraphernalia would have to be bows. But not just any bow. No. That special gift deserves a special topper.  That is just the perfecto way to finish off your gift wrap. And the best part is it doesn’t have to be expensive, but it sure can look like it! You can make a professional looking bow from just a simple, inexpensive ribbon.  No matter what style, color, shape or size you’re looking for, creatives ribbon bows, also known as ribbon sculptures for their craftiness and originality, are the perfect way to add polish to every thoughtful present.

These creative, crazy, fun ribbon sculpture ideas will wow your gift recipient this holiday season and save you some extra pennies for next year!


– Pumpkin Ribbon Sculpture: 

Just perfect for the fall season… and for your gift. This sure will be the cutest pumpkin in the patch, and one that will definitely catch the eyes of your gift receiver and all others around you. All you need to do is build an orange stripped sphere and add the green details on top. Make sure everything is well glued, and you got yourself a ribbon pumpkin! Wired or grosgrain ribbon are the best options for your ribbon pumpkin. It really helps holding your bow’s shape.
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– Turkey Ribbon Sculpture:

This is the perfect dose of cuteness for any Thanksgiving present. Don’t let the loops fool you. This technique is still beginners friendly, and yet very fancy looking. A couple of loops, a little glue, and that’s it! The key is to have the right color selection: brown, yellow, orange and red. Add a couple of googley eyes to the sculpture and your Thanksgiving turkey will not only look alive, but extra adorable.
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– Snowman Ribbon Sculpture: 

Moving into winter, this little snowman is a beautiful, easy way to décor your Christmas gifts. This one may take a few extra steps, but the results are worth it! Just make circles out of ribbon pieces by gluing both ends together, and then stack those circles on top of each other forming an asterisk. You can make the nose and the top hat of your snowman out of ribbon as well. Add as many layers as you want. The fluffier, the better!
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– Christmas Tree Ribbon Sculpture:

Is there anything more iconic than a Christmas tree? There’s no better way to top your gift for this upcoming holiday season! One big ribbon piece will do the job. All you have to do is fold the ribbon in zig-zag, making sure you glue each fold at the very edge of the one before. It’s much easier than it sounds; don’t be afraid to try it. Add a classic bow at the top of your tree, glue some sequins for some sparkle action, and this lovely tree will be ready to ornament your Christmas present.


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Some of these are easier; some others require a bit more experience. It may take you some time to achieve the more complicated ribbon sculptures, but you will get there. Remember: Practice makes perfect. And as long as you enjoy yourself during the process, you’ll master these techniques like no other.

From basic to pro, these are some of the best ideas to accessorize your presents this upcoming holiday season.  Bring your wrapping game to a whole new level by topping your presents with these thoughtful details.  A fun ribbon sculpture can bring life to the plainest, simplest, most boring backgrounds by just adding that extra pop.

Show your love ones how much you care by making your gift extra special.

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