13 Amazing Ribbon Christmas Tree Crafts

13 Amazing Ribbon Christmas Tree Crafts

Fall is almost over, Christmas at next corner. Waste no time! Put your pumpkins away and replace them with a wonderful, holly, seasonal tree. Filled with snowflakes, wreaths, pinecones, Santa Clauses and stockings, your Christmas tree should exude sights, smells, and sounds of the season’s holiday cheer.  Yes, it’s not Christmas yet, but a respectable self-called crafter has to start thinking about Christmas weeks in advance. It’s the most wonderful time of the year… to go all out on decorations.


  • Scrap Ribbon Tree Ornament

The key to this ornament is picking the right colored ribbons. Shades of green and brown emulate the branches of a Christmas tree. Super easy to do. A craft for kids of all ages!
Full Tutorial at Fireflies and Mud Pies

Recommended items for this tutorial:

– Straight sticks
Hot glue gun
100 Yards Burlap Twine


  • Wrapped Cookie Cutters

As simple as it sounds. Wrap your holiday-ish cookie cutters and wrap them with a festive ribbon. Transform this simple supply into an outstanding homemade ornament.
Full tutorial at Better Homes and Gardens

Recommended products for this tutorial:

– Christmas White Chevron Printed Red Grosgrain Ribbon

– Christmas Cookie Cutters


  • Winter Frost Ornament

Light blues and sparkly silver ribbons is all you need for this. And loops! Lots of loops. This is a perfect way to throw some DIY to your Christmas tree decorations, still keeping it fancy looking.

Full tutorial at Luvin Stampin
  • Burlap Christmas Poinsettia

One Christmas icon that has to be part of your tree décor. This double-sided ornament will add just the right amount of rustic charm. Get yourself some burlap ribbon and you are good to go!

Full Tutorial at Home Talk

Recommended items for this tutorial:
  • Ribbon Christmas Tree

Yes, another Christmas tree. But let’s be honest, you can never have enough of this, can you? Add some beads to make it look extra special. Easy to make and they look great on the tree.

Full Tutorial at Craft n Home

Recommended items for this tutorial:

– Metallic Ribbons, Silver

– Metallic Ribbons, Golden


  • Santa Bow

This Santa Claus Christmas red, White and black bow is the perfect ornament for your tree. Turn a simple bow into the most creative piece of décor!

Full Tutorial at Crafting for Holidays


  • Snowman Ornament

If you need a quick ornament, this craft is for you! This ribbon snowman ornament is a fun way to decorate your Christmas tree with just a few inches of grosgrain ribbon and some glue. You’ll get it done under 10 minutes!

Full Tutorial at 30 Minute Crafts


Recommended products for this tutorial:

Grosgrain Ribbons


  • Ribbon Angel Ornament

The ribbon angel is a very classy ornament to throw on your Christmas tree. If you pick the right ribbon, you can make it look expensive for a faction of the money it would cost you to buy something as fancy.

Full tutorial at Purple Hues and Me


  • Wrapped Christmas Balls

This is the perfect way to dress up a plain ornament and add your personal touch. You can be as creative as you want! Pick any color and pattern and make your Christmas Balls as unique as your imagination lets you.

Full Tutorial at It All Started With Paint


  • Snowflake Ornament

These snowflakes are absolutely lovely and they set that wintery mood that comes with this holiday season. You can make your own out of metallic ribbon to add an even more ice look to your tree.


Full Tutorial at The Ribbon Retreat


  • Ribbon Pinecone Ornament

The pinecone has been such an iconic ornament for generations. But it’s a standby for a reason. It’s super classic! If you add different ribbon colors, it makes a really pretty contrast.

Full Tutorial at Reese Dixon


  • Tree Topper Bow

This is a very popular way to add that finishing touch to your Christmas tree. The bigger the tree, the more layers you can add to your bow, just increase each layer by one inch.


Full Tutorials at Southern Charm Wreaths

Recommended items for this tutorial:

Grosgrain Ribbon, Green

Grosgrain Ribbon, Red


  • Burlap Garland

If you want to add something to your tree but even these super easy crafts are too much for you, a burlap garland is perfect for you! Take your tree from blah to southern in a snap.

Full Tutorial at Life in High Cotton


Recommended items for this tutorial:

– Burlap Ribbons


Add a little DIY to your Christmas Tree décor by following this easy but beautiful crafts. Don’t forget to chekc our catalogue to find everything you need for your handmade ornaments!

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