4 Amazing Ideas for Decorating Flower Pots With Ribbon

4 Amazing Ideas for Decorating Flower Pots With Ribbon

A great DIY Project involving ribbon can be decorating terracotta flower pots. Flower pots are present almost in every home, with green interior plants, with gorgeous colorful flowers or with small cactus, and they embellish any corner. Well, with some crafting touches, they can be even prettier and more charming. If you choose to use ribbon bows or any form of ribbon to decorate flower pots, here we’ve gathered for you some amazing and simple ideas.


  1. Tie it up

A nice colored flower pot, a bit of creativity and a nice ribbon bow can be enough for making a decoration hit with a flower pot. Matching or contrasting the ribbon color with the pot one, or with the dominating colors of the room is an extra asset.

Ways to decorate a flower pot

(Full tutorial in How To Adviser)

  1. Burlap and ribbon

Burlap is a hit with shabby chic decoration or with a bohemian style, but it can be added to DIY projects in many different styles and fashions. If you match burlap and an elegant ribbon bow you’ll get a pretty cool flower pot for decorating any area of your home.

Make flower pots out of paint cans

(Full tutorial in The hank full house)

Recommended items for this tutorial:

–  Burlap ribbons


  1. Tulle and ribbon

Another crafty and elegant combination is tulle plus ribbon. Tulle gives a magical glow to any crafting project and certainly makes an awesome wrapping material for a flower put. A nice ribbon bow is the perfect detail that will make the project an excellent addition to a room’s decoration.

Tulle and ribbon

(Full tutorial in Home Guides)


  1. Full DIY ribbon flower pot

We’ve seen some pretty flower pot decoration, but ribbon can be the main supply for making a complete flower pot. A ribbon scratch flower’s bouquet is an awesome DIY project with kids, or for using all the scratch we have left from other crafting projects. Flowers always make a room brighter and cozier.

Full DIY ribbon flower pot

(Full tutorial in Plucking Daisies)  


Do you have more ideas to decorate and start DIY projects involving ribbon and flower pots? Stop by our catalogue, here in Drency and get crafty!  

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