7 DIY Craft Ideas with Kids

DIY craft projects for kids

One of the best ways to boost creative thinking and imagination of your little ones is through DIY craft projects. Through these projects, kids get to imagine and make things based on an idea, using any materials you have available in your home. From colorful yarns to crayons, ribbons, and paper, anything can be a material used in craft projects. And as a result, you get handy items, decorations or toys kids can play with. Check out these cool DIY craft ideas with kids and pick one to try this week!

  1. Paper kites

Kites are always a great toy for kids, so this is one of those DIY craft projects for kids you simply have to try out. For starters, you’ll need paper and paper straws. Use any colors you like. You’ll also need some glue to hold everything together, scissors to cut the shapes, a pencil, and a ruler. For the kite string you’ll need string or twine, but make sure it’s long enough. You’ll attach the string to the kite and wrap the other end around the leftover straw. To make kite’s tail, use light-weight string or ribbon. In the end, use ribbon scraps to decorate the tail.

Paper kites

Full tutorial: One Creative Mommy

  1. Yarn wrapped letters

This activity is a classic. It encourages kids to be creative and to practice fine motor skill. For this project, you’ll need cardboard and scissors to cut the letters. You’ll also need yarn and glue to decorate. Start by cutting the letters and then put some glue before you start with wrapping the yarn around the letter. Since the goal is for kids to have fun, don’t mind if the yarn gets messy and all tangled up, especially around the corners. It doesn’t all need to be perfect, as long as your kids are enjoying the activity.

Yarn wrapped letters

Full tutorial: Bounceback Parenting

  1. DIY Dream Catchers

Here’s another very interesting DIY craft project to do with kids. For the base, you’ll need wooden embroidery hoops. Then the decoration is completely option. You could decorate the hoops with colorful yarns or washi tape. When it comes to the parts that hang from the hoop, you can use yarns, ribbons, felt, beads, pom poms, washi tape, etc. The choice of materials is optional because there are so many different ways to decorate the dream catchers.

DIY Dream Catchers

Full tutorial: Art Bar Blog

  1. Lego pencil holder

If your kids love playing with legos, they’ll love this craft as well. You’ll need a baby food jar, some yellow acrylic paint, and a black permanent marker. Pour the color into the jar and shake it to cover all the sides of the jar. Once the interior is covered, pour out the excess paint and let it set. Then, use a black marker to draw a face and you’re all done.

Lego pencil holder

Full tutorial: Handmade Charlotte

  1. Spin art

Kids love playing with paint, but we all know it can get pretty messy. Here’s an idea how to encourage kids to try out spin art. They’ll still get to use lots of paint, but there’ll be less messy to clean it afterward. You’ll need a salad spinner, paper such as the one for cupcakes or even white paper plates. You’ll also need washable paint and some squeeze bottles to dilute the paint with some water. Give the bottles to your kids and let them get all creative.

Spin art

Full tutorial: Good Housekeeping

  1. DIY wand

Every princess needs her magical wand, so here’s a perfect activity for you and your daughter. Start by cutting starts. It’s recommended to use a light wood, but you could also glue a couple of layers of cardboard together. Paint them and glue a narrow pipe cleaner around the star. You’ll then need strips of ribbon, cut in a variety of lengths. Glue them all to the back of the star. Finally, glue the dowel to the star, and there you have it. When it comes to decorating the start and the dowel, the choices are endless, as you can use any material and patterns you want and have available. However, make sure you use something glittery, either the pipe cleaner or the ribbons. After all, the wand is magical.

DIY wand

Full tutorial: Darice

  1. Flower ribbon decorations

These decorations are a perfect activity for spring. Ribbon flowers can be attached to a card, to a gift box, they could be a wall ornament or they can simply be a fun little project for you and your little ones. You’ll need craft sticks and green paint to make the stem of the flower. For the actual flower, you’ll use ribbons, as well as some glue and a round piece of paper or felt, to hold everything together in the middle. Cut the ribbons into small strips, make loops and glue them to the circle. Make sure the loops are of the same length so the petals are all the same.

Flower ribbon decorations

Full tutorial: Crafty Morning


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    Wonderful suggestions, I’m sure going to use some of those in class, as they are also good for group activities, such as this paper kite.

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