What is Jute?

What is jute

Jute is a type of natural fiber. It’s long, soft and shiny type of fiber which is spun into coarse threads. Jute fibers are composed primarily of the plant materials cellulose and lignin.It’s one of the most affordable natural fibers and it’s second in the amount of vegetable fibers produced globally, next to cotton. Such high demand is due to the cheapness of the material, as well as softens and uniformity of fibers.

Some interesting facts about jute:

  • It’s 100% biodegradable, which makes it environmental-friendly.
  • It requires low pesticide and fertilizers.
  • Jute is the cheapest vegetable fiber.
  • It’s also called the Golden Fiber due to golden and silky shine.
  • It’s the second most important vegetable fiber after cotton.
  • The material has high strength and breathability which makes it suitable for industry packaging.

Jute has also found its application in the fashion industry, so jute fibers can be woven into curtains, carpets, rugs, etc. Twines and ropes are also made from jute, so jute has also been a part of the textile industry. Jute is used for gift wrapping, home decoration, gardening, etc.

What may be the most common application of jute is to create burlap, hessian or gunny cloth. This way, the long, thin threads of jute plant are woven together to make burlap, which is how cloth is being made. Burlap cloth, also called hessian or gunny cloth, is then used further. The most widespread application is in the industry, where they use burlap sacks to hold agricultural products, such as potatoes, coffee beans, etc.

Jute fibers are available in different lengths, a different number of plies, and they can even be available in different colors.

Natural jute twine 3 ply

Natural jute color is golden, and it’s available in rolls of different lengths. This one, in particular, is a 3 ply roll, with 500 feet long twine. The diameter of the twine is 0.08 inches.

Jute 3 ply

Tenn Well Natural Jute Twine 3Ply Arts and Crafts Jute Rope

Jute twine rolls

220 feet long jute is available within this rolls that come as a pack of 6 rolls together. It’s made of three strands of twine, but the material is pretty lightweight.

Jute twine

Jute Twine for Crafts, Butcher String, or Garden

Natural jute twine 6 ply

For even more durability, check out 6 ply jute. More twines are woven into the thread to make the material quite strong and durable. Still, the material remains quite soft. It comes as a 300 feet long roll with the diameter of 0.09 inches.

Jute 6 ply

Tenn Well 300Feet Natural Jute Twine 6 Ply

Colorful jute twine

If you prefer to bring some color into your craft projects, decorations or gift wrapping, take a look at these colorful jute twines. They are available in spools that are 90 yards long with 2mm diameter. You can buy these twines in packages that have 9 spools of different colors.

Multicolor jute twine

Trimweaver 2mm Jute Twine, 90-Yard

Turquoise colored jute

If you need an even greater range of colors and you prefer buying the rolls individually, rather than in a pack, here’s a suggestion. This one, in particular, is turquoise colored jute, but there are many other colors available from black to green, pink and orange. The length of jute in these rolls is 100m per roll and about 2mm in diameter.

Turquoise jute

Turquoise Colored Jute twine Jute String

Jute DIY projects

If you’re curious to know how you can use jute in your home, here are a couple ideas.

Hanging jute basket

Besides jute, for this project, you’ll also need a sewing machine, a couple of pieces of leather or some other material, a metal loop and hot glue gun. It’s pretty easy to make the basket, but super useful, as you can store all sorts of things, such as plants, jewelry, flower decorations, etc.

Jute hanging basket

Full tutorial: Poppy Talk

Jute light shade

You’ll need plastic cups as a base and some jute twine to wrap the caps and create light shades. You’ll also use scissors, a knife, and a glue gun.

DIY light shade

Full tutorial: Ella Claire Inspired

Jute gift wrapping

Jute is often used for gift wrapping as it gives that special charm and rustic look to the package. You can combine it with kraft paper as they both feature the natural colors. Finish the gift wrapping by adding interesting decorations or custom created gift tags.

Jute gift wrap

Full tutorial: Thinking Closet

Jute coasters

Speaking of rustic style, DIY jute coasters will surely be an absolute hit. You’ll need jute, hot glue, scissors and a clothing pin. Simply wrap the jute in a circle and use the glue to hold everything together. Attach the jute with a clothing pin until the glue dries. These coasters will perfectly match jute-inspired centerpieces or other table decorations.

DIY jute coaster

Full tutorial: Stonegable Blog

Jute is very durable and yet an affordable fiber, so most of these crafts are quite cheap to make, but still a great addition to your home decor.

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