10 Clever Organizing Hacks For Your Crafts Room

10 Clever Organizing Hacks For Your Crafts Room

The crafter’s life comes with a price. The joy of being a creative mind is having the ability to make a total mess. No crafts room is tidy 24/7, that’s for sure. But you know what they say, “a clean space, is a happy space”.  And since DIY and crafts can only come from a cheerful place, we will help you have it that way. Here’s a list of 10 amazing crafts room organizing hacks to keep your artistic corner nice and neat. Some of them are just as creative as any project you could come up with! Check them out.

1. DIY Cereal Box Drawer Dividers

No more dumping grounds! Stop tossing your scissors and buttons and DIY some super cute drawer organizers to keep everything in its right place.

DIY Cereal Box Drawer DividersVia I Heart Organizing

2. Colorful Desk Organizers

If you need a little more help for your desk other than in your drawers, this is for you! This colorful desk organizers are a great way to create new space to storage your most used tools and supplies.

Colorful Desk OrganizersVia World Of Pineapple

3. Organizing Trims and Ribbons with Tic Tacs

Keep your spools of ribbon from unwinding! A simple Tic Tac container will keep them intact and ready to be used. A genius- and inexpensive- idea!

Organizing Trims and Ribbons with Tic Tacs

Via Pretty Pudent

4. Organizing Embroidery Floss

Keep your floors floss free with this easy hack. I’m sure you’ll find some clothes pins laying around your house. Put them to good use and forget about tangles.

Organizing Embroidery FlossVia Heather JS Life

5. DIY Magnetic Pin Holder

No more painful stepping-on-a-pin-bare-foot moments! With this DIY magnetic pin holder, you’ll never miss a pin again. Super easy to do and very much needed in any crafts room!

DIY Magnetic Pin HolderVia Sewlicous Home Decor

6. Vintage Muffin Pan Organizer

Again, a great way to create space for your crafts supplies! Just use an old muffin pan to organize trimmings, ribbons and buttons and keep them well organized. You’ll love the vintage look of it!

Vintage Muffin Pan OrganizerVia Curiosita Ellya

7. Embroidery Hoop Thread Rack

Not only a great way to keep your embroidery threads well organized but also a unique DIY wall hanging piece of décor. A beautiful way to display your thread.

Embroidery Hoop Thread RackVia Yellow Spool

8. Slotted Basket Ribbon Organizer

In Halsey’s words, the first thing you need is this habit of buying ribbon. A lot of it. Then you’ll also need a slotted basket and a couple rods. This ribbon organizer is so easy to do you’ll love it!

Slotted Basket Ribbon Organizer
Via Spunky Junky

9. Giant Peg Board

This is a hack that is all over Pinterest. And for good reasons! A giant peg board it’s definitely an afternoon project, but it is so worth it. A great addition to any crafts room and the perfect way to storage and display ALL your crafts supplies.

Giant Peg Board
Via Ginger Snap Crafts

10. Bar Stool Craft Caddy

A bar stool is a must in a crafts room not only to take a seat for the long hours you’ll spend crafting, but also because it can make an amazing storage unit and craft caddy! This has to be one of my favorite.

Bar Stool Craft Caddy
Via Sadie Seasongoods

Yes, “clean space, happy place” … and crafting! Now you’re all set to create the most amazing DIY projects in your very well organized little corner.  And if you need some help feeling those new storage spaces, take a look at our catalogue and stock up your crafting supplies!

2 thoughts on “10 Clever Organizing Hacks For Your Crafts Room

  1. I love all the ideas, but this tic tacs ribbon idea… it’s so creative. I’m just not sure how much ribbon can really fit into it, but still, great way to store them 😉

  2. I agree with Mona, tic tacs are good for ribbon pieces and scraps, but number 8 is great way to store large rolls of ribbons.

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