12 Marvelous DIY Ribbon Projects

12 Marvelous DIY Ribbon Projects

Some people might automatically think of ribbons as something you only see on top of a gift. But the truth is that these colorful strips can creatively be used in all sorts of items and decorations. There truly is an infinite number of projects you can do when you’ve got some of these strands to work with.  We’ve compiled 12 of our favorite DIY ribbon projects that will make you fall head-over-heels with ribbons.

1. Ruffle Flipflops

Turn a plain and basic flip flop into a customize accessory in your wardrove. It won’t cost you more than $5 and it doesn’t take that much time to make either.

Full Tutorial at About a Mom


2. Ribbon Crown

Perfect for a little girl’s party and her guests. Follow this tutorial and those flowers will stay on through all sort of jumps and twirls.

Full Tutorial at Aesthetic Nest


3. Handmade Lanyard

This might be one of the easiest ribbon craft out there. A lanyard is one of those things that, one day or another, you will need. What better way to get yours than doing it yourself?

Full Tutorial at May Arts Ribbon


4. Ribbon Lampshade

Use your favorite ribbons – plain, patterned, narrow or wide, to turn a boring and plain lampshade into something really special, and make this a statement piece in your room!

Full Tutorial at At Home In Love


5. Pom-pom Pens

For this craft, you can perfectly use all sorts of ribbons lying around your house. Measurements are not that important. Experiment with different sizes to get bigger and smaller pom-poms.

Full Tutorial at Sew Sara


6. Pillow Cover

Sew some ribbons together and make DIY a unique, fun pillow cover. Chose the color whether to go with your home décor, to add a pop of color, or to throw some season spirit in your room.

Full Tutorial at Lia Griffith


7. Ribbon Skirt

A very creative piece of clothing perfect for little girls. This fairy ribbon skirt makes a perfect costume. No sewing need, by the way!

Full Tutorial at Cut Out + Keep


8. Birthday Card

A very thoughtful present for someone’s especial day is a homemade card. And not just any card, but a fun, creative, unique ribbon card! Cut some slits in the cardstock and woven your ribbons through.

Full Tutorial at Snippets

9. Ribbon Wreath

Wreaths are the perfect decoration item for any holiday. Valentie’s Day, Eastern, 4th of July, Halloween, Christmas… just pick the right ribbon for the right holiday and you’re set to go!

Full Tutorial at Landeelu


10. Ribbon Plates

This is a fun way to share some yummy treats with your friends and neighbors. Forget the boring, common plates, and costume make your own ribbon wreath plates.

Full Tutorial at Make and Takes

11. Chain Bracelets

Fold your ribbons following this step by step tutorial you make yourself a chain ribbon bracelet. Try a variety of colors and patterns for fun variations on this same basic bracelet.

Full Tutorial at Fab DIY

12. Ribbon Topiary

Don’t waste your money on flowers that- although pretty- you’ll eventually have to throw away. Ribbon topiaries make the perfect centerpieces for your event. Follow this step by step tutorial and make your own!

Full Tutorial at Coolest Family On The Block


Ribbons are a fun and colorful way to accentuate gifts and décor, and these DIY ribbon projects are offering some new and inventive ways to utilize these items in all sort of exciting arts and crafts activities. Check our catalogue and pick all the ribbons you need for your crafts!

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