Awesome Ribbon Flower Tutorials

Awesome Ribbon Flower Tutorials

Flowers and ribbons are a great match! If you were not sure about what you could do with some luxury and high end ribbon like the one you can craft amazingly pretty and cute flowers of different sizes and shapes. Ribbon also can be used in embroidery projects and yes, in such projects flowers are also main characters! So, if you’re looking for neat flower making tutorials with ribbons, we’ve gathered some awesome choices for you. Keep scrolling!


  1. Kanzashi ribbon flower tutorial

A classic kind of flower that implies a little bit of sewing. Fortunately, there are several clear and easy to follow tutorials that will let you achieve nice flowers in different colors and sizes. Here we share with you a really simple (yet cool) one: Kanzashi ribbon flower tutorial

(Full tutorial in The Crafty Angels)

Recommended items for this tutorial:

– Satin ribbon multicolour

Sewing button multicolored pack


  1. Ribbon flower pins

Another great way of making ribbon flowers is no doubt using pins and thread. There’s absolutely no complication and the result is a rich flower, which really brings out the image of a dahlia. Follow closely these easy instructions and you’ll get a handy flower that will enhance all your crafting projects.

Ribbon Flower Pin Tutorial

(Full tutorial in Make it do)

Recommended products for this tutorial:

Double face satin ribbon, yellow


  1. DIY five petal flowers with ribbon

When you were a kid, and you drew flowers, did they usually have five rounded petals? Maybe that’s because that is precisely the first image that comes to our mind when we think about flowers. Like simple yet elegant daisies. This cool tutorial shows us how to make classical flowers, but with ribbons.

DIY: Ribbon Flower Clips

(Full tutorial in Smitten on Paper)

Recommended items for this tutorial:

Black buttons

Sewing scissors


  1. Ribbon and tulle flowers

A great advantage of high end ribbon is you can do absolutely gorgeous projects that will shine. That’s the case with this luxury ribbon and tulle flowers that will make any crafting project look professional and at the same time, cute and hand made. With ribbon, tulle and some beads, you’ll get a classical looking flower with a lot of class.

Satin and Tulle Flower

(Full tutorial in Of Pinks and Fairy Tales)


  1. Twisted ribbon flowers

No sewing, just ribbons and a glue gun. It’s possible and it looks great. Making a ribbon flower was never this easy, so choose your ribbon color and go ahead, create some crafting magic.

DIY Twisted ribbon flower

(Full tutorial in The Crafty Mummy Blog)


Did you like our ribbon flower tutorials selection? Do you have any ideas of which other ones we should include? Don’t hesitate and contact us, here at Drency we’re all about hearing new crafting ideas!

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